Why we’re watching Kiki’s Delivery Service at 23:43…

  Today was a long day. It wasn’t bad…but I wouldn’t classify it as good either. 

A will be two and a half next month. When we moved here eight months ago, the plan was to get her into a day care (note to self-my daycare search deserves its own post) as soon as the crazy winter ended. Well, that didn’t work out so her interactions with other kids have been limited to trips to the park every other day and aquarium visits once a week. Both of these excursions usually result in her hiding behind my legs and making sure the other kids stay a safe distance away or climbing up me like a little koala bear if they dare to actually talk to her. Until today!

Yesterday it struck me like a bolt of lightning that I have been incredibly daft. Why oh why did I not enroll her in a Moms and Tots or a Top Tots?? Why?? I forgot. That’s why. For months and months an obvious solution to her growing dislike for social interaction eluded me for no better reason than that I completely forgot. Anyway, a quick Google search and an even quicker phone call later and she was booked for her first class which happened to be this morning. And the class was just 6 minutes away! That’s so convenient had I just thought about this earlier buuuuuuut that’s done now so deep breathe and let’s move on…

The class was fun. At least, it sounded fun from outside, which is where we were, playing, alone. An hour (the class is only one and a half hours)  of alone time playing with the outside toys and three Marie biscuits later and we made it back inside for music time before we had to say a quick goodbye and leave early. All in all…it was a resounding success! Hey, we were on the property for 90% of the class and she even chose  to go back inside. With other kids there! That’s a win in my book. 

Did I mention that it was a scorcher of a day? That hour outside felt like 3 hours.

Next stop, the aquarium for lunch and a visit with the penguins and sharks. Kids are funny in that they can love something (fresh chips in this case) but as soon as their attention or interest changes they are done. DONE! Which is why her lunch was packed up and half my salad was left behind so that we could see the sharks. Two walks between the two highlights and we were ready to head home. By then she was just beyond exhausted. As any mum can tell you, few things are whinier than a too tired kid. A few firm words and a few more firmer words at a louder volume later and we were back home. 

Poor A was exhausted but too tired to sleep. After 2 hours of me putting her to bed and her running out of the room a few minutes later only to be chased back, I relented and let her fall asleep next to me watching Sofia the First on my tablet. Desperate times and all that.

I woke her up two hours later so that she would still go to bed at her normal time. Rookie error. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wake a child from a nap when you know they have had a busy day. She woke up in a foul mood. I could almost see the black thundercloud over her head. Toys were thrown, the cat was poked, general mayhem ensued. Which led to more scolding. Are you seeing the point of this post? While it was a fun day this poor over stimulated kid had been scolded throughout the day. And she isn’t a naughty child. She has a temper to rival…someone with a bad temper (it’s after midnight, I can’t think of anyone) but she’s also loving and affectionate and imaginative and fun! But in my effort to give her a fun day out, I filled her plate with too much fun. Which resulted in her acting out from tiredness. 

So when she ran out of the room for the second time at bedtime, I decided to be Fun Mum instead of boring old Do What’s Best Mum. All I had to ask was if she wanted to watch a movie. I have never seen her jump out of the bed that fast. She was radiant from this unexpected treat. A bowl of popcorn, cup of tea, 2 biscuits and 7 yawns later she happily hugged and kissed her dad goodnight then took my hand and walked to the room with me. Exhausted but happy. Feeling happy and loved is how I always want her to go to bed.  Because she makes us happier than we have ever been and we love her more than mere words can express. 

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