Mum’s day off!

  Saturday mornings are my time off. Time to put on proper clothes, take the car keys and leave home with only my handbag. It’s glorious. 

Being a SAHM means always having a little person with you. As much as I love A it can be so exhausting being on call the whole day and night. J decided that I needed some time alone (I was starting to crack) to recharge and Mum’s Day Off was born.

At first I would feel guilty and go for a quick breakfast and come back home. As time went on I realized that I needed this. The time away from being needed recharged me for the week. I came back happier and that helped me pass on that happiness to A and J. Now I go for breakfast and a pedi or hang out at the mall or do some shopping for myself. 

I still feel guilty when I get back and hear that she cried for me or gave her dad a hard time but I realize now that there’s times when I have to put myself first and that they can survive 4-6 hours without me. 


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