Goodbye Facebook, hello life

  I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to Facebook but I do have an unhealthy urge to constantly log in. This annoys me to no end because it’s a habit that I have but don’t enjoy. In fact, it makes me miserable. Which is why I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone.I’ve noticed recently that there have been one too many times where my daughter has to get my attention because I’m looking at my phone. I’m not even doing anything important, just scrolling through endless posts of Aunt Acid sayings or my friends baby pics. At night I lose hours on this crap. Why? Why the need to know what other people are up to?? I understand that it’s human nature to be a bit voyeuristic but I dislike what I’m doing while I’m doing it but I still carry on. Ugh! No more!

I deleted Facebook last night then I spent 20 minutes playing with my daughter in the bath. This gave me joy. It made me happy. I treasured the time with her. I marveled at her focus as she filled my cupped hands with water and laughed as it trickled through my fingers. THIS is what I want in my life. From today I’m muting my Whatsapp chats and weaning myself off social media. 

I don’t ever want the most precious person in my life to feel as if she has to compete with my phone for attention. 

12 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook, hello life

  1. I think about this all the time. I have to be especially careful of the black hole of Facebook because I have to be on there for work. I’m a photographer and I get about 95% of my business from Facebook. But the time I don’t really need to be on there is a slippery slope. I’ve also noticed those stupid badge app icons are totally what do it! When you see that little red bubble pop up with a number in it, we automatically want to make it disappear and be “caught up” for a moment like it’s some sort of productive accomplishment or something. It’s honestly exhausting sometimes. So good for you! And best of luck with your meaningful decision. 🙂

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  2. Seriously?! My book-long reply for deleted? By me of course. Lol. Anyhow, good luck to you! Facebook and social media are a slippery slope. Enjoy your time with your family!!


  3. My husband and I deleted our facebook over 3 years ago and never looked back. We have twitter and a few other social media outlets for our blogs and such. I agree with you! The habit to scroll through others bits of their lives.. when we should be living ours.

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  4. I deleted the app years ago as well. I do log in from time to time through a browser on my phone to stay in touch with family and friends that don’t live close by. I made the conscious decision to actually live my life and to be present in the moment, instead of sharing every single one of them. It’s a wonderful way to live. Congrats to you!

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  5. So happy for you! I was the same on Facebook and I was sitting on the couch next to my baby and realized I was looking at my phone not this beautiful little girl right in front of me! Enjoy life not tied down!

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