My cats are such adorable a$$holes



This is Yuki. She is a beautiful pavement special that we adopted 3 or 4 years ago. Yuki is completely deaf (apparently white cats with blue eyes are always deaf. If only one eye is blue then the ear on that side is deaf. According to the vet anyway. Strange but true) and so she has no volume control on her meows. She is probably about 8 years old now but still acts like a little kitten. 

This cutey is Mitsu. A much more elegant and graceful lady. They both came from the same home but were sent to a shelter when their owner moved. They have such distinct personalities and have come so far, especially Mitsu. We would get scratched on a daily basis when we first got her. Now she lets A get away with holding her tail. It’s amazing.

But back to why they are total A-holes. These lazy lumps sleep the ENTIRE day and only wake up fully at around 9pm. Which is when we are winding down and getting ready for bed. This is when they start practicing for the Cat Olympics. Racing, jumping, meowing, wrestling, sparring you name it they will do it. Glasses are knocked off counter tops. Pegs are knocked around from one room to another. Sofas are scratched. Litter boxes are knocked over. Laptops are walked on WHILE in use. 

Then when they exhaust themselves they sneak into our bed. Mitsu used to sleep at my husbands feet but now she sleeps at the foot of A’s bed or right next to her if she can get away with it. Yuki sleeps between my thighs. Think about this for a second. I can’t move my legs together, I can’t turn over and she’s no lightweight. I push her with my feet and she pushes back. But I love her. I complain but it’s always been my dream to have pets that sleep in my bed 🙂

Now I gotta convince J that A should get a puppy for her birthday…


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