When bad days turn great

If you read my previous blog post you know that yesterday was a bit of a crash and burn type of day. Started great with a fun time at playgroup then Tantrum 101 when I opened her packet of chips wrong (yes, that’s possible). 

What I don’t think I mentioned is that A had her first swimming lesson yesterday afternoon. After her lunchtime behavior I was fully prepared to get there and just have her watch the class for this lesson if not get there and leave immediately. Well we got there, and she just blew me away. 

My shy toddler turned into a tiny version of the little girl she is becoming. She was so excited to see the pool and wanted to go in immediately. Silly me got there thirty minutes early thinking it would take longer to sort out her fees and choose a swimming cap. We watched the early class for a bit and then I took her to change. (I have no words for how adorable she looked in her swim cap and goggles) Another little girl arrived for the class and immediately took A under her wing. She was only 5 but acted like a real mother hen. She held A‘s hand and took her into the shower to rinse off before the pool. And she went!! Need I add that she refuses to get into the shower at home?

This was a toddler class so the Mums don’t get into the water but I thought A would be scared so I stayed at the edge of the pool. As I watched her though I realized that I was there more for my benefit than hers. She was so brave. She went almost the entire class without a hitch. Kicking her little legs, blowing bubbles, moving along the side, dunking her head..she even jumped in! My husband was watching from the window and we both had the goofiest smiles on our faces. But our hearts were breaking at the same time. When did she grow up? 

The end of the class had some crying and cries of ‘help me mum!’ which broke my heart. (I deserve a medal for not jumping in the pool then and there.) I confess I wiped a few tears away at the poolside. I thought watching her run off without holding my hand was tough, watching her cry while doing something she needs is a killer. 

Once the class was over she came out of the pool and was so proud of herself. A drop in the ocean compared to how proud we were off her though. 

I told a friend yesterday that I never experienced such extremes of emotion until I had a child. The lowest lows and the highest highs. I wish I could keep her with me and safe forever but I know I have to let her grow up and explore and learn. Being a parent is tough. I love it.

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