Putting down roots

Moving to a new place is strange. It’s like starting a new romantic relationship. At first you’re keen on the place and really want give it your best shot but it’s not a comfortable fit. You admire the beauty and value of the place but don’t really feel a deep connection. Then some time passes, your confidence in yourself grows and before you know what happened, you wake up in love. That’s where I am at the moment.

I was really happy when we moved. I think we were in a rut doing the same things and hanging out with the same people all the time. I was bored out of my mind. For this reason (and some others of course) we took a leap of faith. J found a new job, we sold our apartment and we left. Best Decision Ever…for a number of reasons but I’ll just go through a few:

1. We have never lived out of our city. We’ve travelled yes but being on holiday is very different from actually living in a place. So this gave us a chance to be completely independent. It was scary at first not knowing where to go to buy groceries or if we needed a doctor but we are such a close knit little family that as long as we’re together it doesn’t really matter where we are. We found our feet and explored and now we even drive around without a GPS, haha! 

2. It gave us time together. When we were back home there were so many demands on our free time. Family and friends all pulling in different directions. Not in a negative way, they’re all great but just a lot to do.  It just felt like we didn’t have time together to do cool stuff on our own. Time was just ticking away and the years became interchangeable. We had just entered our thirties and thoughts of our mortality were creeping in. Moving gave us time to really bond as a unit and grow individually. 

3. Distance gave us perspective. We realized not long after the move that we would be moving back sooner than we thought. J’s dad passed away a few months before we left. It was devastating. It also made us realize that our parents aren’t going to be around forever. We want A to grow up knowing her grandparents and we want them to have time with her. We also decided on a second child and want that support structure when it’s time. 

4. It made me self reflect. I realize now that I was at fault. I was unhappy with the mundaneness of our lives but I didn’t do enough to change that. I didn’t plan day trips just for the three of us the way I do here. I didn’t go for classes like I did here. We didn’t need such a drastic move to add value to our lives. We just needed to live our lives more fully. 

I feel that we have put down roots here. I have anyway. I have a good friend. Started Pilates. Stopped Pilates. Found a playgroup for A, swimming lessons and even a babysitter. So I’m a bit heartbroken that we will be leaving soon. But at the same time I’m excited about starting fresh with this new perspective on life. And I feel like this was just the first of many moves we will make.

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