Where do I start…

So, I have been avoiding my blog for a good few weeks because Iv been bursting with news but I wasn’t ready to share it. I’M PREGNANT!! Woohoo! I found out at 6 weeks when I was two days late with my period (side note: the Period Diary App on iPhone is AWESOME! It keeps track of your periods and when you are most likely ovulating etc. plus you can add notes and moods. A handy little helper for those of you want a baby and can’t hide from their control freak nature 🙂 like me) 

Before finding out I would contemplate the ways I would tell my husband when I eventually fell pregnant. I spent time on Pinterest looking at cool fun ideas for the big reveal. Then when it actually happened I stumbled out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. Then I took a pic of the test (above) and whatsapped it to him while he was in the other room getting ready for work 😂😂😂😂 best laid plans and all that.

 I’m not a superstitious person but when it comes to babies I/we wait until the first trimester is over before sharing the news. The only people we told immediately were our folks and siblings. And I told one of my besties coz I needed someone to talk to. That was 7 weeks ago. Now EVERYONE knows! And it’s wonderful. I don’t know about the rest of you but for me the reality of the situation only hits home once I can speak openly about it and my friends are freaking out in excitement with me 😁 

I went for the 12/13 week Down Syndrome scan this week. Thankfully baby is healthy and growing beautifully. Even better…I found out it’s a girl!!!! Yet again I didn’t pull off any cool moves in letting hubby know. I called him straight after the appointment (he was home with our firstborn as the Centre I went to for the scan doesn’t allow children) and told him to make that castle he was building bigger coz he had two princesses now 😁😁 Poor chappie was hoping for a boy but he’s so excited. Also nervous as hell thinking about double the stress in terms of mean girls and hormones and periods and boys 😂😂 I couldn’t be happier. I wanted another girl. I love having a sister and I hope A and little Lemon (nickname for the moment) grow up as friends as well as sisters. 

Well. That’s part 1 of my big news. Here’s part 2:

My husband has resigned from his job and we’re moving back to Durban where he will work full time on his online business for a year. That means zero income for a year. Which is terrifying. But luckily we made a tidy sum when we sold our apartment so we can easily manage this with some creative budgeting. We’re so excited. 

He’s been pulling 18hr days for the past 4 years trying to balance work with his website and still making plenty of time for us. I don’t know how he did it. But now he can invest all his time into his website (which I will provide a link to in another post as soon as it’s ready). It’s a risky move especially with another baby on the way but this way we know in a year whether it’s going to work or not as opposed to finding out 4 years from now that it’s a waste of time. 

We’re lucky enough that my folks have a second place that they’re loaning to us which has a lovely yard for A to play in and is really close to them and other family. So ya, lots going on but exciting times ahead. Since we turned thirty we have had a baby, sold our home, moved provinces, fell pregnant again and now we’re moving again. All in the space of 3 years 😂  oh well, now is the time for taking risks. Big risks big reward and all that. 

I’m so excited to have him home with us full time. Even though he will be working it will be so wonderful just knowing he’s close by. And he’s so relieved that he doesn’t have to stress about paternity leave when baby arrives. This move has just the best timing. 

Now that that’s off my chest I should be posting more regularly. 

Over and out for now!

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