My take on KFC

My husband came home with a bucket of KFC last week after I don’t even know how long. As usual the smell was amazing but after one piece of chicken we felt all greasy and gross. Which always happens but the smell just hooks you back in!

So yesterday I decided to make my own healthy version. And it was YUMO! 

I used

  • Skinless chicken pieces
  • 2 eggs
  • Corn flakes
  • Robertsons mixed herb
  • Robertsons dried garlic
  • Robertsons Portuguese spice for chicken

I won’t give you quantities coz it depends on how much you want to make. And the crumb can always be made and extra put away for later. 

Beat the eggs together and set aside 

You could smash out the cornflakes or even better get the kids to do it. Super fun. I just popped mine in the food processor because I was running late with supper. Add the spices to the corn flakes in the processor and blitz until it forms crumbs but you can still see small flakes. Pour into a shallow bowl and set aside

Season ur chicken as you normally would but add a little less salt because the Portuguese spice also has salt in it.

Dip in the egg wash and then roll in the crumbs so it’s fully coated.

Place on a rack with an oven tray below to catch loose crumbs.

I had 9 pieces and it took approx 1hr15min at 180degrees

Instant success! No oil! Crunchy chicken for the win!

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