Three ingredient shortbread

I title this post like its something amazing but I’m not sure how many ingredients usually go into shortbread 😂 Anyway, this recipe is super easy so you should give it a try. I used a Masterchef recipe then altered the quantities to suit our tastes better as the original was too rich.


  • 150g butter at room temp
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 250g flour (I used self raising but the recipe asked for plain)


  • Beat butter and sugar until creamy
  • Add flour and mix then knead on a floured countertop until it forms a dough 
  • Roll into a sausage then cut disks
  • Bake for 20min at 180degrees 
  • Add a hefty sprinkle of castor sugar when done then remove and cool on a rack

I made these the first time last week and since then I have made two more batches. 

First batch – original recipe. Too buttery (who knew that could be a problem?)

Second batch – my edited recipe. Yummy!

Third batch – I got creative! Seperate the dough into two portions. I added a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter to one and a hefty sprinkle of…well…sprinkles to the other. Took some kneading to incorporate it but it worked. When they came out I added extra castor sugar to the peanut butter batch and my husband blowtorched them. Divine!!! Crispy brûlée top

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. My daughter loves this recipe coz she got to play with some dough and then bake her biscuits 😁


2 thoughts on “Three ingredient shortbread

    1. It is! I made three batches in just over a week and there’s only 5 little biscuits left 😂 and you can see from the oven tray that this recipe makes quite a few!

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