Cutting the cord…three years later

My daughters peadiatrician asked me not too long ago if she was in daycare. When I said No, he replied ‘it’s time to cut that umbilical cord’. At first I was seriously ticked off. 

1. When did daycare become the norm instead of the necessary option for working parents?

2. Who the hell was he to tell me what was best for my child?

3. Was he right?

Daycare has been on my mind for a year or so. I know she’s been ready for a while to interact with kids and that she would enjoy the activities and added stimulation but we couldn’t find a daycare that we were happy with (granted, we didn’t look very hard) and I left work to care for her so that was what I was bloody going to do! 

But lately I’ve been feeling guilty. Am I keeping her at home for her best interest or because I want her with me all the time? My Gynae helped with the decision. He said if we were thinking of daycare then now is the time to do it. This way we can focus on her and settle her in and she can build up immunity before the baby arrives in Nov. 

Today was her first day at playschool. I was prepared to stay the whole time to settle her in but as usual she exceeded my expectations and was playing with her new friends so I gave her a kiss and said goodbye. Then I drove to the shopping centre close by and balled my eyes out. She will always be my baby and I have been so lucky to have her to myself as long as I did but I guess part of being a parent is letting go so they can grow. 

So yeah asshole doctor, I guess I am cutting the umbilical cord at last. And it hurts.

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