Attempt #56 of No Sugar…I feel good about this one

We had one of our friends over this weekend and she has inspired me to once again cut added sugar from my diet. Not only has she lost 15kg and looks amazing, more importantly she looks happy and energetic. Actually, you should check out her blog at

I dropped the ball when I fell pregnant and have completely fallen off the healthy wagon. One too many ‘bleh, I’ll lose the weight breastfeeding’ … There’s only so far breastfeeding can help.  Since I’m the grocery buyer at home, my sugar craving has resulted in everyone getting into a bad habit of having a treat or four every day. Enter Motherhood Guilt stage left.

I officially started yesterday but then I had a small piece of cake. Which was good because now I feel super guilty and more motivated. Also, everyone knows diets only start on Mondays though so here goes! 

  • No sugar in my coffee or cereal.
  • No baking unless I use a sugar substitute
  • No buying cakes/desserts

I think I’ll be fine as long as I don’t have any junk food in the house. Wish me luck! I have exactly three months before baby is due so I’m using that as my timeline to kick my sugar habit. This should also give me the energy I will need to get back into a workout routine once baby is born. EXCITING TIMES!!!


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