When trimming the hedge becomes impossible

Warning: this post contains a fair amount of overshare. If feminine maintenance affects your delicate sensibilities then please stop reading now πŸ˜‚

Still reading? 

Let’s just dive right into it then. I love Hollywood waxes. (a Hollywood wax differs from a Brazilian wax in that you get completely waxed from front to back. Theres not a strand left. Not one. Its gone…along with your dignity the moment the beautician whips off the towel so that she can see clearly. πŸ™ˆ Trust me, no amount of small talk will distract you from the fact that someone is getting an eyeful of your lady bits) I have been doing them for a good few years now because it just feels so incredibly clean. Not to mention the obvious extra sensitivity for sexy time *winkwink*

Ever since falling pregnant though my skin has been extremely sensitive so I havn’t been brave enough to make an appointment. My eyebrow wax brings tears to my eyes so I doubt I would survive an intimate wax. I have been trying to talk myself into just suffering through the pain and getting it over and done with but I couldn’t do it. And thanks to the passage of time things got a bit out of control. Normally a quick trim would sort that out but when you can barely see your toes there’s no way in hell a sane person would take a scissor anywhere near their vagina. No. Way. 

I decided last week that I have reached my limit and suddenly realised that I should just buy a bikini trimmer. I didn’t want to spend a fortune since it’s likely I will go back to waxing once baby is born. I found this super cute one on Takealot for R170 and its a well known shaving brand too. I got it on Friday but only had a chance to try it out today. It’s awesome!! 

How cute is this?! And check out all the extras! There’s 4 blade attachments, a tiny comb, a little brush to clean the blades and a bottle of oil to keep the blades in tip top shape. It also came with two AA batteries. I have never used a machine blade before so I was a bit nervous (especially since I couldn’t see what I was doing) but I am so happy with the result. It was quick and easy and most importantly painless. So all you pregnant mama’s out there who still want to maintain a semblance of normality to their maintenance regime, I highly recommend getting this! 

I think I’ll actually experiment with it once baby is born and I can see what I’m doing again. I may not need to wax anymore πŸ™‚


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