Family Baby Shower done and dusted 

Yesterday was my family baby shower hosted by my parents and sister. I confess I was dreading it a bit. I hate being the centre of attention and baby showers are not my favourite thing. This one however was really lovely.

The day before, we went to my folks place to help decorate the garage. For A’s baby shower we went a bit nuts colour wise and didn’t have an actual theme. This time, however, we stuck with yellow, green and white as we have been calling the baby Lemon for most of the pregnancy. There were green and yellow balloons hanging from the ceiling, green and yellow streamers around the arms of the white chairs and J made these adorable flower pots. It really looked very quaint and I loved the non-pinkyness of it all.

The actual shower  was quite intimate and I got to see and catch up with some family that I haven’t seen in ages. Also, my daughter was there to help me open gifts and she was super adorable oohing and aahing over the baby clothes that she thought were for her 😂😂 She was also quite spoilt with a lot of people bringing little gifts for the big sister as well. 

Speaking of gifts, this is one lucky baby! Such adorable clothes!!!!! I confess that some of the baby dresses were so cute that I would buy it for myself if it came in bigger sizes. I also received quite a few other usefull items like a breastfeeding pillow, sleeping wedge, bottle brush, medical supplies etc. Mum offered to wash and iron all the baby’s clothes for me so that’s awesome. We have one more baby shower with our friends next weekend and then I’ll start sorting out and packing away all the new baby goodies. I want everything ready and set up by the end of October just in case we have an early arrival 🙂

This whole baby situation I feeling a LOT more real now!

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