Product Review: Maternity Belt

  • Product: Grace Maternity Belt
  • Price: R239
  • Rating: 3.5 stars

My second trimester was rife with lower back, hip and groin pain. I felt like an old lady with arthritis every time I sat down and stood up. What made it worse is that laying down didn’t seem to help either. I was in constant pain. If you haven’t experienced this pain before then imagine being stabbed in the vagina with a red hot poker. Repeatedly. The pain runs down your legs and can also go sideways to your hip bones. It’s not great. Not great at all. 

My gynae suggested getting a back support strap (the type used for sports injuries) or a maternity belt. I checked a few stores and the prices were more or less the same for both so I decided to go with a maternity belt. 

I bought this one from Takealot at the start of August and what a difference!! It took me a few tries to work out the straps but once it was on I noticed an immediate difference. 

The bottom strap supports your growing tummy, the thick back strap offers great support for your lower back (which somehow helped ease my hip and groin strain) and the top strap that goes over your tummy keeps everything in place nicely. It’s great for when you are on your feet for long stretches. Sitting and standing will require some readjustment as the straps need to be loosened a bit when you sit down for comfort. I used this belt every day for almost two months and loved it. The only reason I have not given it a higher rating is because the Velcro on my belt is no longer holding as tightly as it did initially and has popped open a few times while I’m wearing it. I imagine it’s from the constant use but since it is a maternity belt I feel like it should last at least 9 months if not longer.

Luckily the baby changed position and is no longer causing me as much discomfort so I don’t need to use the belt as often but I would definitely recommend it. Even though the Velcro didn’t last very long I would still say it was well worth it for those two months. 



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