Daycare hiatus 

A started daycare mid-August. She goes 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. So far that’s been 9 weeks to date. In that time:

  • She has been sick three times that required antibiotics (chest, ear and throat infection in that order)
  • My husband and I also fell ill each time
  • I narrowly missed hospital admission this week for a chest infection and still sound like a TB patient
  • She has missed 4 full weeks of daycare while recovering
  • We have spent over R4,000 ($280) on medical expenses 
  • J has lost 4 full weeks of work time having to take care of both of us (I can’t begin to explain how we cannot afford for this to happen since he left work to focus on the website)
  • Total cost of daycare related monetary expenses for 2.5 months = R8000 ($520)

Seriously. What the fuck?! 

We enrolled her in daycare for all the right reasons. We wanted her to socialise with other kids and learn new things. She has been at home with me from birth and I could see that she needed more stimulation. With another baby arriving next month it’s also a way to keep her occupied without making her feel left out or pushed to the side. At first she hated it and dropping her off crying every morning was crushing my soul a little more each day. Then her teacher changed and now she loves it! She even asks to go to school and wants to go every day instead of just 4 days. She sings songs she learns and is full of stories when we pick her up. There’s art and crafts that come home and she’s making friends. It’s wonderful. 

But we’re going to have to pull her out at the end of October until March next year. This last bout of illness really knocked us all out. It’s just not a feasible situation to be getting sick every two weeks with a new baby arriving soon. I could barely take care of myself this week. I don’t know what I would have done if my husband wasn’t at home. He really shouldered the brunt of the care even though he was also so unwell. Sadly we have decided that A is going to have to miss school for 4 months for the sake of our well-being in this crucial time. To say we (mostly me, J would keep her at home forever if he could 😂) are weighed down with guilt is an understatement. This would be much easier if she still hated it. 

She goes back on Monday after two weeks at home. Fingers crossed she doesn’t get ill this month so she can have enough time there to play and have fun. Her granny arrives next month so at least she will have another playmate for Nov and Dec. It is going to be a really tough few months ahead. On her as much as us. But I feel that this is the right decision for us. I know she will get sick again when she goes back but by then I won’t be pregnant anymore and should be able to deal better with the whole situation. Though having a sick toddler and a sick newborn scares the yoga pants off me. If only our lives were more exciting location and travel wise, I would actually look into home schooling 😂

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