I’m nervous

The new baby arrives in just under 6 weeks. I can’t wait. This time around I feel much more prepared for a newborn. Im sure there will be lots of curveballs but the second time around  (in theory) should not be as daunting as the first.

So why am I nervous? It’s because of my toddler. She is really attached to me as can be expected from being at home with me for the past three years. Lately though she’s been even more stuck to me than usual. I even had to peel her off me earlier because I couldn’t handle the kissing and hugging. My husband will never understand how I can get tired of the affection but there’s times when I just can’t handle being touched so much and so often. I just need a little space to breathe. I can’t even go to the loo without her standing outside the bathroom door crying like her heart is breaking. What is going to happen when I have a new baby that needs my attention. How am I going to adjust to breastfeeding an infant if there’s a toddler trying to climb into my lap at the same time. 

I need to do some research on independent play. At the moment she plays alone but only for about 5 minutes before she comes to find me. I don’t like the idea of scolding her all the time or sending her away coz I’m busy. I know tempers are going to be short from sleep deprivation but she deserves better. I just need to find a way to balance my time so that she doesn’t feel neglected but she also knows that her sister needs time with me too. 

Being a parent is tough.


5 thoughts on “I’m nervous

  1. I harbored these same fears before our second child was born. Your daughter will adjust in her own way. It’s amazing how intuitive children actually are about these things. Once she understands what “big sister” means, she will most certainly embrace it 🙂


  2. My son was 4.5 when the baby was born and the last few weeks of my pregnancy he became like this too. They know a change is coming. He was fine when the baby was first born but now, 4mths PP, he is back to trying to sit on top of me all the time which is tricky and slightly annoying as terrible as that sounds. I feel for him as he is grieving and that is tough. We just keep trying to move forward. Now I can leave the baby for an hour or so we try to have more mummy dates where it is just the two of us.

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