My little girls first stayover

My instinct was to title this ‘My baby’s first stayover’ then I realised that while she is still MY baby, she’s no longer A baby. Cry. She’s growing so fast.

Anyway, it’s her first stayover at my folks place tonight. It’s part of our damage control plan for when I have to stay in hospital next month (NEXT MONTH! OMG!) She’s quite excited about having a pajama party with Ma and watching tv in Pappa’s bed. There have been a few times when we have been leaving their place and she wanted to stay so I’m sure she will be fine for the night. It’s gonna be J and I who will be nervous wrecks sitting at home.

The selfish part of me is hoping for a phonecall in the night to say ‘come and get her, she won’t stop crying for you’ but that’s a foolish thing to hope for. I want her to have fun. I want her to miss us but trust that we will be back when we say we will. And a night alone is something we havnt had in over three years. If I weren’t so uncomfortably pregnant this evening alone would be much more exciting *nudge nudge wink wink* but for now, cuddles and a movie is exactly what we need. 

Ugh. I miss her already. Luckily I have a busy day planned getting all the new baby stuff sorted and packed away with two of my friends coming over to help. I’ll save the tears for when they leave. 

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