VBAC -vs- C Section…what to do…what do…

Ugh! I’m so confused. From the moment we decided to have another child I knew I desperately wanted a natural birth. I did the first time around as well but ended up having an emergency C section because A had stopped growing from one week to the next and also hadn’t dropped into position. The doctor tried inducing labour but I didn’t have a single contraction so that natural delivery plan went out the window.

I really battled with my C section. The pain meds made me nauseas in the hospital and I’m not sure if I was prescribed an alternative that was too mild. It took a while (over a month)  for me to walk without significant pain and almost 6 months for the random painful twinges to stop. I just assumed that was normal since it was major surgery. Then my friends had babies also by C section and they were walking around like nothing happened! That’s when I knew that my experience was not the norm. 

Anyway, back to my dilemma. I am really hoping for a VBAC this time because I feel (hope and pray more like) that the recovery time will be much shorter. Which is going to be needed since I also have a 3 year old to care for. BUT my doc said this can only happen if I go into labour naturally before my due date. He can’t induce me. I was fine with this plan until a few days ago. I have a keloid scar from the C section..what if I tear during labour or need an epesiotimy?? I definitely do not want a keloid scar down there. How uncomfortable. From my research (frantic google searching) it seems like a very low probability since the actual skin type is different in the vagina but it’s not impossible that a scar could form. 

Do I go with the pain and recovery I know or do I take the unknown VBAC path that may have worse results…

I have my 36 week check up in a few days so I’ll discuss it with my gynae then. I’m tempted to stick to my original plan and let my body decide for me. 


7 thoughts on “VBAC -vs- C Section…what to do…what do…

  1. I had a VBAC and did so much research going into it. It isn’t true that you can’t be induced but many Drs still won’t do it. I had a really progressive OB so he said I was fine to go over my due date and also fine to have my waters broken and use low dose induction drip if need be. They can’t do super strong like they might have for you last time. They can’t use the cervix gel – that is contraindicated for vbacs. My csection healed really well but I had PND following it and I think it was def related to my experience. I did tear for my vbac and also had a small healing complication but even with that it was waaaay better than recovering from surgery and I don’t have PND even though this baby has been tougher than my first. Go check out my blog if you want to read my vbac birth story (maybe you already I have – can’t remember). I would def do it again. I really don’t know why they are so pedantic about coming by your due date. There is no evidence to support this fixation. How many babies come on or before their due date? It is soooo unlikely. Anyway good luck making your decision. Trust your body. It can do this!! If that is what you want. 🙂

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    1. Thanks!!! Will def chat to my doc about it. I also don’t know why they are so strict about the 40 weeks. It’s not a definite date. Maybe I can negotiate an extra week (though to be honest I am ready to get this baby out tomorrow!!) I did read your post and it is what cemented my desire for a VBAC until a few days ago. I just need to find out about the scarring as I am prone to keloids and already have 3 on my torso.


      1. I know they don’t like you to go too far over as there is more risk associated with deteriorating placenta etc esp if you are 40+ (I was 39 so this was never raised with me). I read a really helpful resource online that looked st stats associated with going over and induction and all sorts of things and based on all that I figured 41 weeks was my max and then I would be induced . I chose this as after 41 weeks the chances of induction failing actually went up. I will see if I can find it and post the link. It uses scholarly research so is really good. Not just he said she said stuff.

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      2. You’re a star! I’ll also do more research so I can be prepared when I chat to the doc


  2. I had a vbac with my second, with an epidural and I did a lot of research before making my choice. My doctor wouldn’t induce me either but she said she would let me try to go naturally up to 42 weeks. I went into labor at 41 so I was greatful for that.


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