A girl has no name

We don’t have a name for our daughter yet. With 12 days to go I’m starting to get a little concerned…


5 thoughts on “A girl has no name

  1. This happened for my friend with her no 2 girl. When they had the baby they got everyone who visited to suggest a name and put it on a board. Then they just went through and eliminated and came up with a name. Good luck!

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  2. :/ Isn’t it so hard with the second child?! Not sure why. We just weren’t as gaga over the whole process since it was the second child (oh God, she’s already scarred for life…). I was literally 10cm and waiting for the go-ahead from the nurses to start pushing when we decided between our top two names. Talk about last minute!

    Good luck!

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    1. 😂😂😂 we were actually just laying in bed chatting about the same thing now. What’s even funnier is the lack of urgency we are feeling. Poor second borns 😂


  3. We took two weeks post birth to decide the first baby’s name.
    We took almost five weeks post birth to decide second baby’s name!
    My mother was very distressed about what to call the baby. I told her just call her “baby”, as there’s only one baby in the house!


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