One week to go!!! I can’t wait! I have never felt this level of exhaustion before. I wake up tired then I get super tired by 2pm. A nap usually recharges me for a few hours then I’m wiped out again. It’s crazy. Making a meal takes all my concentration and my cooking has been the furthest thing from gourmet. The humidity is also making things worse. The little bit of energy I have I try to keep for my voice so I sound upbeat when I talk to my daughter even though I’m sitting like a pudding on the couch. 

My first pregnancy I was working but had the luxury of coming home and passing out or vegging in front of the tv for hours. Having a toddler to see to really changes the game. My poor husband has been doing his share and about 60% of my share in spending quality time with A. My time with her now is usually spent watching movies which is great cuddle time. She’s so curious about everything now and has questions throughout the movie about why things happen or why a character feels the way they do. It’s so lovely to talk to her. 

7 days and counting..

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