The end of a chapter

My husband just took A over to my folks place for her ‘pajama party’. Now I’m sitting at the dining room table bawling my eyes out like my dog died.

I miss her so much already. I miss our mother-daughter time. I miss it just being us. Even though we will have our dates together in the future it will never be the same. I have loved my time with her more than anything. My whole life path changed when she was born.Now things will never be the same. God I miss her so much. I feel like a piece of me is missing.

We told her that I’m going on an adventure to get her sister and she’s super excited which is great. Plus she loves being at my folks place. J will also be staying there at night so she will at least have one of us if she feels a bit homesick. I know she will handle the seperation way better because she has no idea how her life is going to change come tomorrow. 

How does time go by so fast. I had over three years with just her but it passed too quickly. I know having a sibling for A is going to be great and she probably won’t remember being an only child. But I will remember. And I will treasure those memories. She will always be my princess. 

5 thoughts on “The end of a chapter

  1. It is sad and one of those eternal “mommy guilts”.
    Emotions to be expected: Challenging, exhausting. Jealousy. Unexplained tantrums.
    But, you will experience the heart stopping moment of her kissing her newborn sibling. You will see her developing a sense of importance and responsibility. Even the possessiveness that this new being is ‘her’ baby. It’s truly awesome.
    New, different.
    Life. Kids. Love. Worth it.

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      1. Good luck. It’s precious but unique. Treasure the hours alone in hospital. Believe me! It’s chaos when you get home! You will feel pulled in 3 different directions, none of which are of your choosing. It’s insane. It’s life, it’s worth it! Xx

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  2. There is something so special about those first years with your firstborn. I still miss the time I had with mine and the special relationship we had but can’t imagine life without the new baby anymore either. Hope it all went smoothly x


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