When breast isn’t best :'(

I read such a tragic story the other day that I just can get out of my head. Here’s the link:

Mom Shares Tragic Story Of Breastfed Infant Dying From Starvation

If you are a first time mum or even an experienced mum but being pressured to exclusively breastfeed…please trust your gut. If you think your baby is still hungry then get that formula. You can do combination feeding until your supply picks up. This story was so easily avoidable. 

I am a well educated woman and I have another child but when I took my second baby for her vaccine the clinic sister made me feel terrible about combination feeding. I knew that I didn’t have enough milk and also that my mental state was taking a knock from exhaustion so formula was the logical option yet I still left feeling like a bad mum. Imagine all the women who don’t have the support and the knowledge. 

Please, breast is better but fed is best. 

My heart goes out to that poor mother who should have a rambunctious five year old son now. I can’t even imagine what her life must be like and the pain that family lives with. 

8 thoughts on “When breast isn’t best :'(

  1. I went through the same thing. Almost. My midwife caught it just in time and my son got admitted to hospital when he was three days old. He almost had a cardiac arrest on arrival but the hospital managed to turn him around and now he’s a very loud, very happy three week old baby.

    Fed is best. That’s it. No two ways about it. We put all our trust in midwives and they need to listen when we ask for something or think something is wrong. Instincts are usually right.

    My friend sent me the article and I burst into tears. I think the reality of what almost happened hit me. It is a terrible, terrible thing and I can’t even imagine what the family is going through – especially five years down the track.

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    1. I am so SO happy that your story has a happy ending. I can only imagine how awful that experience must have been for you. Especially whem your baby is so teeny tiny.

      A mother’s instinct is so very strong. Even when you have a brand new baby and no clue what to do you somehow sense what the baby needs. The problem is the presssure to be a supermum.I just hope this article can reach as many women as possible. I know that this could have very easily have been me with my firstborn because I was a complete novice but was so set on exclusive breastfeeding. I was initially upset that a nurse at the hospital suggested formula for my baby when she wouldn’t stop feeding. I thought she wasn’t being encouraging of my desire to breastfeed. But in hindsight I really want to thank her. She put my child’s hunger above my need to feed her ‘liquid gold’.


  2. This could have been me with my now 6 month old baby. He lost more than the 10% of his birthweight after a few days of life too. I was charting the wet and dirty diapers, which seemed fine. Although he was nursing constantly he kept losing weight. Looking at his skinny legs during diaper changes brought my husband to tears, and he decided to go buy formula rather than wait any longer for his weight to turn around with just nursing. Thank God he did, because I am sure we were very close to being another baby Landon story. I was able to increase my milk supply and stop supplementing with formula after just a couple of weeks. I now produce plenty of milk and have a freezer full too. I also have PCOS, and had no idea it could affect my milk supply. Nobody has ever mentioned PCOS even possibly causing problems nursing and this is my third breastfed baby. I felt like a failure giving my baby formula this time since my other babies never had a drop of it. I know I wasn’t staying hydrated well, but maybe it wasn’t all my fault afterall. This story is so tragic, but I am sure it has or will save lives. I know if I have any more children I will be more willing to supplement early on.

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    1. Thank goodness this is another story with a happy ending. Sometimes as mums we are so blinded by trying to do what’s ‘best’ and also juggling recovering from birth + exhaustion + other kids that its easy to miss the warning signs. My husband also intervened with formula (for other reasons) but I am so greatful that he did. I’m sure you are having tons of fun with your 6 month old. My daughter is almost 4 months and such a giggly bundle of happiness 🙂

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      1. Yes, the baby is a ton of fun now. He and the 2 year old get along really well…most of the time. The baby just loves looking at him, and grabbing him. 🙂


  3. I am a first time mum and when i had my son i struggled with breastfeeding. When we were still in the hospital my son would not stop crying and i felt i was feeding him every two minutes, also he was super lazy and was not eating enough, he would just fall asleep eventually the nurse told me to try “top him up” with formula just to make sure that he eats enough. I was hesitant at first, i mean if i cant even breastfeed, what else am i going to suck at (haha excuse the pun). But i did it and it worked!! he slept,he stopped crying, i slept and i stopped crying 🙂 win win. Well i was terrible at breastfeeding, my son would just not eat, he would suck a little then fall asleep and no matter how much i tried to get him to eat he wouldn’t. minute i gave him the bottle he sucked away..
    stubborn from the get go) Anyway i then decided i would express rather and then just feed him breast milk in the bottle. Unfortunately my milk dried up after a month but at least i managed to give it ago and i didn’t feel so bad going to formula after that. Its so sad that we make such a big deal about all these processes that it shames mothers into thinking they are terrible if they dont breastfeed or give birth naturally.

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