Hello, My name is Nadia and I am an addict

Oglivy (for the Center For Psychological Research, Shenyang)

Not addicted to wine.

Not addicted to drugs.

I’m a Facebookaddict. God I hate that app. And I love it. We have a complicated relationship. I literally lose hours scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. For what?! I rarely get any enjoyment from it. I’m actually hating what I’m doing AS I’m doing it but I just can’t stop. I need that one more scroll just in case there’s something super interesting to see. BUT THERE NEVER IS!!!! It is a great way to store photos though. And connect with people. Bleh.

Also apparently a whatsapp addict. This I didn’t realise until my husband brought to my attention how often I click the Home button on my screen to check for messages. I caught myself doing it today. I literally checked my phone every 1-2minutes. Thats crazy right? It can’t be normal. In my defense it’s my only access to the outside world and conversation with humans older than 4. But still. Not cool.
Pretty sure I wrote a post about this a while ago (clearly an ongoing problem) but I need to sort this shit out. I have been saying “hold on a second baby, let mummy just send this message” one too many times recently.

Time to make a conscious effort to stay away from my phone. Out of sight out of mind. In the words of the ever resourceful Barbie ‘Let’s do this!’

(I have become a Barbie fan. The old me would bust a gut laughing at the new me)

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