Time to get my cape on 

If that title rings a bell it’s because it’s from the incredibly catchy intro song to DC SuperHero Girls (which I intend to write about in another post. Mental note: add to the mental list of future posts) 

For a while now I have been drowning in the day to day of keeping a baby alive/fed/stimulated and a toddler entertained. I havnt really had a chance to do anything besides that and the usual household management of cooking and cleaning. I saw this post on fb the other day: 

I just scrolled past but it stuck in my head for some reason. To be honest I didn’t actually make two lists because, you know, kids. Though it did make me rethink my time allocation and realise that I need to give myself the time to do something fulfilling. At the same time this needs to be a realistic goal or it will just fall by the wayside. 

And this is it. I love blogging. It helps to centre me and gives me a chance to really focus on things that are playing on my mind. I guess it’s therapeutic. So I am going to attempt to turn this into a proper parenting blog with reviews and links and stuff (research still in progress) 

I also want to set a good example for my girls. I want them to see a mum who does more than cook and clean. I want them to see a mum who is happy and excited about life. 

I used Batgirls image because I think she is the most impressive superhero. She wasn’t born with any special powers but she creates a powerful persona for herself through hard work and determination. You go Barbara!

6 thoughts on “Time to get my cape on 

  1. This is great!! I love that quote/pic as well! I must say … I’ve been struggling with this lately as well. Two kids is no joke…. I love writing, and writing beyond my blog. But I haven’t been prioritizing it at ALL, and then I wonder why I don’t get writing done. Duh. Now I am starting to set aside just 30 minutes right after the kids go to bed to get my writing done. THen I can go on to chores I need to do, blogging, showering, relaxing with my husband…. I hope I can stick with it. And you, too!! 🙂

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    1. That’s a really good idea. 30min really isn’t a lot of time but it will make such a difference to our overall happiness level I feel. Good luck with your writing!

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