What the bloody hell..emphasis on bloody

Stop reading now if you are squeamish or talk of mentruation makes you woozy (That’s you love) This post is going to be an overshare of note.
I really miss my pre-baby periods. It was occasionally a day of intermittent and very mild cramping followed by 5 days of low to medium bleeding then back to normal life for weeks. Now…man have things changed. 

I have never kept track of my cycle. Not even when I was trying to fall pregnant. Ok I lie, I did for about two months with baby no2 but then I fell pregnant and that was that. Now I don’t need a calendar. Three or four days before I’m due I start getting…weepy/ angry/ irritable/ snappy (basically all the negative emotions). I know what’s happening because EVERYTHING makes me cry. 

The cats don’t have enough water. Oh man, they must be soooooooo thirsty. Poor kitties. Why didn’t I check their bowl? I’m a terrible parent. Cry cry cry 

A gave me a hug. She must miss me. Maybe I’m not giving her enough attention. She’s such a good kid I should spend more time with her. I’m a terrible parent. Cry cry cry.

Oh man, J wanted to hang out after the girls went to sleep but it’s so late now and I’m exhausted. E is going to wake up a few times tonight again and I’m so frikken tired. But I havnt spent any quality time with him in a while. I’m a terrible wife. Cry cry cry.

Notice a pattern?

Well once that shitstorm reaches its peak it means it’s period time. I honestly worry sometimes whether I’m bleeding to death and don’t realise it. I’m talking Red Wedding type bleeding. It’s intense. 

I can’t be the only one who’s body tries to murder her every 5 weeks am I?


7 thoughts on “What the bloody hell..emphasis on bloody

  1. It’s so much worse now after 2 kids!!! I get intense cramping from the waist down that I NEVER had before! And epic bleeding, yeah. No crazy emotions though … yikes! I feel bad for you! I just crave chocolate like mad. But I guess I always do, so….


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