Raising strong girls



I always wanted to have daughters. When I was pregnant I hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t get a boy. I guess it’s largely because I have such a great relationship with my own mum that I just assume I will have the same with my girls. My husband thinks I’m a dreamer but I’m hopeful.

Girls are great. But also so incredibly stressful when you start thinking of boys and mean-girls and careers and personal safety. My eldest starts school next month. To say I am nervous is an understatement. She hasn’t had that much interaction with other kids so she thinks everyone is her friend. I really hope the kids are nice to her.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how to raise our girls to be strong, independent thinkers. To know their own mind and be confident enough not to feel the need to follow the crowd. Which is why when my husband told me about Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls ages ago I was so super excited.

This book is amazing. There’s 100 stories about real women who have defied the odds to excel at something they love. Our bookshelf is overflowing with fairytale story books and as much as I want them to believe in magic, what I really want is for them to believe in themselves.


My daughter will be 4 next week and although she was really excited about the book, it didn’t hold her attention for very long. I think I will put it away and bring it out again in six months. The only thing that both she and I didn’t like (and I’m sure many others will disagree with this) were the illustrations. I feel as though the pictures cater to an older audience and some where a bit…dark for the little kids.

If you have daughters please look into getting this book. It is R335 on Takealot. Let’s raise rebel girls!

rebel girls


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