I ❤ you Scrubbee

This is not a sponsored post.

I adore Lush. I love their stores. I love their products. I love how their staff don’t make you feel like a cheapskate for asking for a sample before buying a product. (I have spent a shit ton of cash on products just because I loved the sample so much) I could literally spend hours there just sniffing the bath bombs or washing my hands with the crazy shaped soaps. I lost about an hour that I didn’t have at the V&A Waterfront store on Saturday during a lightening girls weekend trip and I am so glad I did because I bought the product of all products.

The Scrubbee.

Yes, it’s in the shape of a bee. 💖

(It was more bee like before my shower) This thing is AMAZING!!! The black stripes have an exfoliater in it and the creamy yellow part is an in shower moisturiser. Now I have tried a few in shower moisturisers before because I have no bloody time to apply lotion after a shower when there’s two kids waiting outside my bathroom door. Needless to say, I have Winter Skin. I know I just made that term up but I also know that YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

Anyway, I tried it out today. 20 minutes ago actually. I’m in love. I want to buy 10 and stockpile it in case they discontinue the range. The exfoliater was great but the other side of the bar is what has rocked my world. So creamy. So silky. The water literally beaded on my skin after I applied it. I stayed under the shower for a while to test if it would wash out but when I towelled off my skin was still silky smooth.

If you are like me and I’m sure a lot of you are, you really need this in your life. R110 I think.

You’re welcome!



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