Mompreneur : Jade van Niekerk

I met Jade (owner and entrepreneurial mind behind Jadels) for breakfast and a chat. I estimated about an hour for our ‘interview’ but we ended up chatting for almost two and a half hours and I would have gladly stayed longer had my beautician not been waiting to fix my wolverine eyebrows. 

She is the first in my Mompreneur series and the reason I wanted to meet her is this amazing product that I saw her advertising on Facebook:

Fits easily around a seatbelt
All pertinent information available

HOW GENIUS IS THIS?!!! Who doesn’t freak out about meeting in a fatal accident but your kids are still in the car and unable to speak? Or you are alone and unconscious and the person assisting you doesnt know who to contact? I worry about these awful scenarios quite often. It’s only since having kids that I have started really thinking about my own mortality. Which is why I LOVE these Emergency Bands. It’s so simple but has everything the person/people helping you need to know. 
The idea is that each person has their own Emergency Band attached to their seatbelt (obviously this works best if you travel in the same car and sit in the same seat or it means moving the strap which I guess isn’t that big a deal. It has a Velcro strip at the back). 

The Emergency Band is the reason I wanted to meet Jade but I found out that she actually has other cool things that she sells, some that she makes herself.

There’s the Teepee which she sews:

What a cool campout idea!
Cuteness overload!

But my favourite are the Fevermate stickers that she imports:

I actually need to order some of these for our medicine box. Can you imagine how easy it will be to check your child’s temperature when they’re sick? No horrible underarm thermometer that takes 30seconds. What child sits still for 30seconds?? Not mine that’s for damn sure.

If you love these products as much as I do and want to know when she launches new products, you can follow her FB page here.


If I had to choose one thing that I took away from meeting Jade its that’s she is a strong woman who I foresee as being a champion for other women who were in her position. For two years following her son’s birth, Jade was misdiagnosed by numerous doctors. She had terrible migraines, felt depressed and just not herself (you know the feeling. When something is wrong but you can’t pinpoint what it is or even put it into words. You just feel ‘off’). Doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong with her and put it down to post natal depression (the easy answer). But Jade knew her body and she knew that wasn’t what she was going through. She did her own research and went with her numerous articles back to the doctors but they still couldn’t help her. It’s sad but if a professional tells you for long enough that the symptoms you are feeling are all in your head you will eventually start to believe it. Luckily her husband was her champion and picked up the fight when she couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew his wife well enough to trust her when she said that something was wrong with her even when all the doctors said otherwise. Good thing too because she eventually found a doctor who believed her. He ran new tests and found that her thyroid was the root cause of all her problems. This had been picked up before but the treatment for it had been incorrect. Just one month later and Jade started feeling more like herself again. She could finally enjoy her son and her life without the constant background pain. 

So if you are reading this, remember to trust your gut. No one knows you or your body better than you. If you’re not happy with the diagnosis you are given go and ask someone else. Don’t settle. 

Jade is in control of her life now and she is going to do great things. This woman is motivated and creative and I really look forward to seeing what she does next. 

This is not a sponsored post though Jade was kind enough to give me a sample Emergency band. This series is my way of helping my fellow mums because we need all the help we can get! If you would like to be featured you can e-mail me on 


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