Mompreneur #2 : Seimani Naidu

I am definitely not a clichè Indian. I hardly ever cook curry, dont watch Bollywood movies and I own half of a Punjabi. Apparently I have an accent but if anyone agrees with that I will unfriend you instantly. Joking! (Not really)

However, when I met Seimani (her name rhymes with Germany in case you were wondering how to pronounce that) she brought me a sample pack of her Preggsons Spices products and I confess I smelt that Kashmiri masala about six times. I kept putting it down then picking it up to smell it again like I had OCD. It smells amazing!

Three heat levels to choose from

The masala mix is her dad, Preggie’s special concoction which he has been making for over 15 years that gets sent up to Jhb. What Seimani has done is brought the business five steps forward. There has been rebranding (artwork and design done by her twin sister Seishini), repackaging and marketing on a larger scale. 

I think the beauty of the Kashmiri Masala is that you only need to add the one thing. Which is very different from the ‘a pinch of this, a pinch of that’ cooking method 😂😂 It already has everything you need in there. Ingredients are listed on the front of the zip lock bag (genius!) and there’s even a recipe for a fool proof curry on the back.

I havnt had a chance to try everything yet but I will 110% vouch for the carrot and chilli pickle. Oh man, I wish I had ordered the full bottle. That thing is amazeballs! The pickle is her own mix and she obviously has her dad’s skill. Love it! (Mental note: order the mango pickle. Actually no don’t, I’ll probably eat the whole bottle in one sitting and give myself an ulcer…yeah im still ordering it 😂)


If you want to check out her products or find out when the next evening market is (sample tasting!) then you can follow her Facebook page here

Chatting to Seimani was like catching up with an old friend. She is so friendly and easy to hang out with. I was really impressed with how excited she is about the family business. Especially since her background is in Sports Science! She denies being business minded and yet here she is running a branch of the family business from home while also raising two kids. I always find it fascinating when people move from one field of work to something completely different. Seimani was a Fitness Manager at a flagship Virgin Active then a coffee shop owner when living in Australia and now she is the driving force of a spice business. Very impressive and clearly unafraid of new challenges.

I can only imagine how proud her parents must be that she is taking their dream and shaping it into something bigger. From a market stall at The Stables in Durban to the shelves of five popular retail stores in Johannesburg. And she is only just getting started. 

Father and daughter team

This is not a sponsored post though Seimani was kind enough to give me a sample spice pack. This series is my way of helping my fellow mums because we need all the help we can get! If you would like to be featured you can e-mail me on 

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