The multiple personalities of Motherhood 

Let me preface this by saying that this post is meant to be lighthearted and does not in any way take away from the seriousness of actual mental illness.


I didn’t realise that this was even a thing until recently. My daughter chewed off the top of her brand new water bottle because, kids. When I saw it she asked if I was angry. I heard “are you angry Mummy?” But she meant “are you Angry Mummy” 😂 So I thought it would be fun to unpack some of these different personalities:

HappyMummy: She has had a good sleep and wakes up humming and generally too exuberant for the morning. The Husband pulls the blanket over his head because curtains are flung open so that she can greet the day. She happily mops up spilled rice crispies and pauses to play with the cats. Not much can spoil her mood.

GrumpyMummy: She has zero patience for fun and games and just wants to get shit done. Any attempt at fun will result in eye rolling or general looks of disgust all directed at The Husband. He has a raw deal in this situation but some of that grumpiness does spill over into the little ones.

Fun Mummy: She plans picnic lunches and plays make believe. There will be houses made from couch cushions and bedtimes delayed for movie time when she’s around. The sounds of laughter can be heard from the car park.

Super FunMummy: She is truly a unicorn. This is when the glue and glitter dust come out for craft time. Take a picture if you see her because I can’t remember what she looks like.

TiredMummy: Easily identified by the circles around her eyes or the five cups of unfinished coffee on the counter. Her uniform is her pjs and she has no shame in answering the door in this way. Rules are loosened when she is around. She has occasionally dozed off on the couch while the kids were playing.

PunctualMummy: Heaven help you if you get in her way while she is getting everyone ready to leave the house. Don’t expect an apology if you get stepped on or bumped in the rush. Just sit quietly in one spot and let it happen. She will speed from one room to another while shooting daggers at The Husband for not being equally frazzled. Everyone is still an hour late for everything but she never stops trying.

GuiltyMummy: She feels bad to ask for time to go shower or use the loo but once she’s in there you will only see her 45minutes later. She also magically transforms to Happy Mummy afterwards.

AngryMummy: She is not very friendly. She snaps at everyone for little things and doesn’t smile. Sometimes she raises her voice and makes kids go scrambling. But if you make her aware of what is happening she generally calms down quite fast and hands out lots of hugs in apology.

SadMummy: She doesn’t show up very often anymore luckily. But when she did you could almost see the rain cloud over her head. There were no smiles but lots of tears and puffy eyes.

SafeMummy: She is the one to go to for comfort or just to hide when the world seems too big. She will pull the duvet up and hide away with you. Magical stories will be told until you feel brave enough to come back out again. She is always available and a really good listener.

DoctorMummy: She fixes all ailments and makes you feel better when you’re sick. She makes tasty treats and gives good back rubs. Unfortunately she also never hesitates with the nose spray so she isn’t always in favour.

That’s most of them I think. The most dominant personalities anyway. I’m sure there’s more hiding in there somewhere 😂



10 thoughts on “The multiple personalities of Motherhood 

  1. I love this! I’ve read it several times and makes me laugh every time. This is spot on when I’m Grumpy Mommy— Any attempt at fun will result in eye rolling or general looks of disgust all directed at The Husband. LOL!

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