I’m not a superstitious person…

This post is exceptionally long and is more to keep a record of the unusual streak of bad luck I just had. Be warned, you may feel down in the dumps by the end…if you get there.


I’m really not superstitious. I’ll walk under a ladder if its the shortest route without a second thought. A broken mirror is just another mess to sweep up albeit more carefully. 

Two weeks ago I almost cancelled our vacation to see my folks, meet my sisters new boyfriend who she is going to be following to another country and attend our best friends baby shower which I was also part-hosting. Why you ask? Let me tell you.
Our original plan was:

  • for all four of us to fly to Durban on the Saturday morning.
  • My dad would fetch us, our luggage and two car seats from the airport
  • We would settle the little one with my folks then the Husband, Toddler and I would head off to the baby shower
  • Once that was over it was back to my folks place to have a family supper and get to know my sisters French boyfriend a little 
  • Sunday we would spend the morning with the family then take the girls to hang out with our friends and talk about baby stuff while helping her sort out the baby gifts
  • Then back to my folks place to drop the girls and head off for a much anticipated date night
  • Monday we were going to have breakfast with my cousins who I havnt seen in over a year
  • Then family time before Hubby flew back home for work on Tuesday
  • Monday afternoon the girls and I would go with my folks to the South Coast for a beach getaway until Friday
  • Friday afternoon I booked a hair appointment at half the price of what I would spend at home 
  • Saturday the girls and I would fly back home.
  • Sunday to rest and back to school and normal life on the Monday.

Sounds busy but pretty fun right? 

Then this happened:

  • I hurt my back about two or three weeks before. Really bad, can’t walk for a few days type of hurt. I couldn’t carry the baby for almost five days even while sitting. How was I going to fly alone with the two girls πŸ™ˆ
  • So my wonderful husband said that instead of shortening our trip and flying back with him that Monday, he would fly back to Durban the following Friday and we could all fly back home together 
  • At this point our Saturday return flight was fully booked so I moved our flights to Sunday (R820) and booked his Sunday flight (R750) 
  • He said he would book the Friday flight later that night. And he did. But he booked the Friday that he was already flying to Durban πŸ˜‘ Shame he was very excited that he got to use his ebucks and only paid R650 in cash. Then he realised the date mixup and had to change the (non-refundable) flight. Had he booked the correct date he wouldn’t have paid anything. Sigh..
  • The next day I was offered four tickets to the premiere of My Little Pony for the following Sunday. I had to turn it down because our new flights were at the exact same time. Cry!!! We are HUGE MLP fans!!
  • My daughter had started school the week and a half before and she was really enjoying it. She had made a good friend and I was really worried that taking her out for a week was going to make it harder to go back. More so if her best friend made another friend while she was away πŸ™ˆ To make it worse she was going to miss school photos AND the Fun Day
  • Then the Thursday before we were going to leave both girls developed a drippy nose and the little one had a fever. I like to hibernate when they’re sick. Now we were going into a confined space with 200 other people. This is when I really started to think that we weren’t meant to go on this trip. I’m talking Final Destination type thoughts 
  • Also our sunny beach getaway was going to be full of rain and cold weather. Gone was the dream of lazy days in the sun.
  • Friday my Husband asks if I confirmed the pick up time with my folks. So I message them only to find out that they thought we were hiring a car! (It’s really like a bad comedy.) They were fetching my sister an hour before we arrived and also thought we wouldn’t all fit in the SUV. Cue the frantic search for a car to hire at the last minute, for a long weekend. Between our super crappy reception and the insanely high prices we couldn’t find one. Poor hubby stayed up until past midnight trying to find one but eventually resigned himself to hiring a car when we landed
  • The next morning we woke early and if you have kids you know it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to leave on time. Someone will need to pee at the last minute or throw up right after being dressed. It happens. You can try to fight it but your chances of winning are dismal.
  • Our youngest HATES car drives. She cries and cries and cries whether its an hours drive or a fifteen minute drive. On the way to the airport we get stuck in traffic. Some frantic podcast searching ensues and a gangster version of London Bridge calms her down. We joke about going to the wrong airport as the cherry on top
  • Finally make it to the airport and we are late. The parking lot is under construction and there’s only space at the furthest end. Not a single luggage trolley in sight. Luckily a shuttle drives by and we climb on for a fun ride to the drop off zone. Still no trolleys here. Hubby runs into the terminal to get two. It is now 9:05 and our flight leaves at 9:50. We stick the girls in the trolley basket and rush to the check-in counter
  • Are you seeing where this is going?
  • We get there and there’s no line. Not a single person. Yep. We really did go to the wrong airport. FML. 
  • We could have freaked out at this point but we were surprisingly calm. I mean, this whole situation is so ridiculous it’s actually funny. There was no way we were going to make it to the other airport in time so we kissed goodbye R2200 in flights and our only other option was to go on standby for the 13:30 flight with no guarantee of getting three available seats. We would also have to pay in approx R3800. Being a long weekend every flight was fully booked for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Back to the car we headed with another fun shuttle ride in between.
  • As we are packing ourselves back into the car my Husband looks at me and the ffg conversation ensues: Him: Why don’t we just drive? Me: Think so? What about bubsie and the whole reason we weren’t driving in the first place? Him: We can make lots of stops, it will be fun. Me: Ok. And so we drove the seven hours to Durban. 
  • On the way I messaged everyone to give them the update. My family thought we were joking for the next four hours. My bestie was sad that we were potentially going to miss the entire baby shower.  (Side note: I get a call from another friend also co-hosting and she’s stressed because the game I was bringing wasn’t going to be there. Insert eye roll. I got bigger problems here woman?!) 
  • Anyway, the drive went surprisingly well. The little one did cry but she slept most of the way. Lovely little sausage. 
  • Two hours away from our destination and the blue skies are replaced with rain and fog. I hate driving in rain. Especially when there’s massive trucks in the oncoming lane. It was stressful to say the least. 
  • Thirty minutes before we get to Durban and the car behind us skids on the wet road and swerves into our lane followed by a loud crunching sound as the side barrier was hit. Thirty seconds earlier and our car would have been hit at full force. My husband and daughters side would have taken the full brunt of it and then we would have crashed into the barrier. We were shaken. Luckily the toll was a few minutes away so we alerted them to the accident but still have no idea how bad it was. 
  • We made it to the baby shower in one piece and got to celebrate with the parents to be even if it was just for an hour.

This post is much longer than expected so I’m just going to list the crappy parts of the week

  • Sunday night we were exhausted but we don’t get the chance to have a date night unless my folks are around so we made our way to a nearby restaurant for coffee and a chat. We didn’t stay very long though thanks to an overly enthusiastic live music singer. My ears were ringing. Date night fail.
  • We made it to the South Coast in a torrential downpour on Monday. Any chance of a lazy day at the sea was looking dismal. 
  • Poor Husband took almost ten hours to get home because of the horrific weather and traffic. I was terrified the whole time. The only time I relaxed was when he arrived safely. So much for not being superstitious.
  • Tuesday morning the girls woke up with a few bites on their face and body. I thought it was mosquitoes. Wednesday morning my eldest had 8 red bites on her face. Her left eye was swollen from a bite below it. There was no way we were staying another night because we thought it was bed mites. (Later found out that it was actually mosquitoes.) Luckily the weather pulled through for that one day and the girls got to play in the sand before we went back to my folks place. 
  • Unfortunately by Thursday they were both looking a little worse for wear so Friday was doctor visits for both of them. 
  • I was supposed to leave to fetch my husband from the airport at 19:00 on Friday night. At 18:00 a storm started. At 18:15 there was a giant clap of thunder and the power went out. Only for our house. πŸ˜‘ Lightening had struck the municipality box and would only be fixed in 24 hours. Seriously, wtf. 
  • I drove in a thunderstorm to the airport with lightening brightening up the sky. By the time I reached the airport I had to consciously unclench my hands from the steering wheel. My back was so tight from being tense the whole way. Definite chiropractor visit in my near future.
  • Saturday night was Date Night Do-over. J made us a reservation at a new Japanese restaurant. We got there and they couldn’t find our reservation but the unfriendly waitress gave us a table. We ordered starters and mains but our mains were delayed because they had a ten platter order to complete. The starters were ok but the true highlight *sarcasm* was the main. I ordered Wasabi Sirloin which sounded amazing. It’s medium rare sirloin marinated in Wasabi oil on a bed of soba noodles…the noodles were coated in a mayo sauce. Mayonaisse. In my noodles. I couldn’t deal. It was the strangest tasting dish I have ever eaten. This was all just too much for me and I had a mini meltdown on the way home. My back was killing me from carrying the little one so much more than usual all week and I was exhausted from hardly sleeping. I cracked. I really just wanted to go home.
  • Finally we made it home and the girls have now picked up a secondary infection which has spread to me. Another week of school is being missed. 

If you made it to the end of this post I want to add the following:

  • The girls had an amazing time with their grandparents and vice versa
  • My sisters boyfriend seems really nice and very mature 
  • We had a lovely day at the beach which I miss even though we hardly ever went when we lived in Durban
  • We got to have two dates! Which is two more than we have had in months
  • I spent time with my folks and got to eat mums cooking 
  • We had time to spend with our closest friends who we miss quite a bit

Would I do it all over again? Hell no πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but it wasnt all bad. 

6 thoughts on “I’m not a superstitious person…

  1. Holy moly, that is so crazy you could t make it up!! You poor things, talk about a comedy of errors. Glad you still got to have a good time and the drive wasn’t too bad after all. My youngest doesn’t travel well either and we just got home from a 10.5 hour drive today so I’m hearing you in what it can be like. Ours actually did really well too so I am surprised, proud of her and mostly just completely relieved!! Hope you all feel well again soon.

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