Mompreneur #4 : Issa Blanco

Issa is so well travelled and educated that I was actually quite intimidated by interviewing her. She has a degree in Journalism and two Masters degrees in Marketing and Public Relations respectively. Even with those accomplishments she is so down to earth and easy to talk to which makes sense since she is also a qualified counsellor and Reiki master. (See what I mean?? She’s amazing)

Issa was born in Venezuela to her Venezuelan father and Mexican mother. Once she finished University she moved to Colombia in Latin America, Spain, Mexico, the UK and is now living in South Africa until their next move. Along the way she picked up the qualifications listed above, worked at large corporates and started two of her own companies. The first was in Colombia where she used her Public Relations background to train helpers in managing and running a household. Having worked very closely with quite a few of the large hotel groups, Issa had the knowledge to teach these helpers how to run a household like a hotel. From breakfast laid out in the morning to a turn down service at night. Her Public Relations degree from Spain is quite different to ours in S.A. as there is still a royal family there. This means learning a lot about protocol so as not to offend or embarass anyone. She passed on this knowledge to the women she trained and gave them an invaluable advantage in the job market.

Her second company is the one here in S.A. called Issa Blanco Holistic Healing. Here she conducts Reiki sessions, offers counselling and teaches mindfulness. Issa’s background in holistic healing goes back to her mum and her grandmother who were both well versed in natural remedies. Issa was lucky enough to learn from them and take that knowledge one step further with her own studies. She has since written and published a book on natural remedies safe for pregnancy. This book has just recently been translated to English and will soon be made available to the public. 

Our chat kept getting interrupted by my awful cough which just won’t go away so Issa gave me a natural remedy to try out. I was too lazy though and just got some cough mixture from Dischem but if you have a cough that won’t die then try this:
Blend half a raw onion and a garlic clove. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon and a full spoon of raw honey. Mix this well then pour into a glass container and leave in the fridge for 24 hours. Once it’s ready, take a teaspoon three times a day for 3-4 days. (If you try this please let me know if it worked for you)

Issa’s love for her boys is almost tangible. Her face lights up when she talks about them. They are an expat family and truly a global mix. Issa was born in Venezuala, her husband in Germany, first son in the United Kingdom and her youngest here in South Africa. Her children are so fortunate in terms of the life experience they will attain by living amongst so many different cultures. 

The thing that I took away most from our chat was that it is possible to feed your passion while still being there 100% for your family. Grow yourself as a person, learn new things and eventually all the pieces will fall together. Issa is kind and patient and a very good listener. If you feel as if your life is overwhelming and you just can’t manage to find your balance, set up an appointment with her via her website or Facebook page and she will help you cut out the noise and re-centre yourself. 

This is not a sponsored post. This series is my way of helping my fellow mums because we need all the help we can get! If you would like to be featured or you know someone who fits the Mompreneur role, you can e-mail me on 


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