Mompreneur #6 : Cheryl Barnett

The morning that I met Cheryl was rough. I had been up since 5am with my little one who had woken twice that night for feeds she didn’t need and I was exhausted. Ten minutes after chatting to Cheryl, I felt awake, invigorated and excited about life. She is the human version of a glass of champagne; pretty, bubbly and she just makes you feel happier. 

Cheryl is a mum to a twenty year old step-daughter and an almost two year old son. She waited a really long time for her little boy to make his arrival, seven years in fact, and he is the reason that she left her cushy Digital Marketing Manager role at a very popular airline to start her own Digital and Social Media company. Even though running her own business comes with a truckload of stress, she now has the time to take him to playgroup once a week and spend the afternoon with him every day.

This kids eyes 😍

It’s not easy taking the leap and leaving a secure, well paying job to become an entrepreneur. Its a risky decision that requires research and faith in yourself. Like many mums who have done the same, Cheryl has been plagued by self doubt and even been for a few interviews ‘just in case’. However, when she looks a few years into the future she wants to be available for her son’s sporting events at school. She wants to be able to stay at home with him when he’s unwell and just wants his mummy. These things are not easy to achieve when you work for corporate. The hard work now will pay off later and she’s in it for the long haul. 
Chatting to Cheryl was so interesting because her passion for what she does is glaringly obvious. She completed her Honours degree while pregnant and keeps up to date with trends in this fast paced arena. Since starting her own company she has also branched out into offering training courses  What really got to me though is when I found out she had been rejected for jobs based on her age. The Social Media space that she’s in seems to have been classified as a ‘young’ persons game which is incredibly short sighted on the part of companies. The experience that she has cannot be gained overnight. 

You can check out her services on her website. If you are looking to up your digital marketing strategies then give her a shout. Besides training and skills development, she also offers the following services:

  • Building integrated campaigns
  • Generating digital content
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Social Media listening and audit
  • Leveraging above the line activities

Her passion is contagious and her ideas are fresh. You won’t regret it. 

She is on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn 


6 thoughts on “Mompreneur #6 : Cheryl Barnett

  1. Nice! It is hard to stay on top of this social media thing. I am not sure what the heck I’m doing every time I try Instagram stories and my friends keep bugging me to do Snapchat but I still just don’t get that one besides making funny pics with it, lol.

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      1. oh good, I am not alone! LOL. I’ve only done the story thing when I’m sampling something and it’s required. And the whole times I’m like “I have NO idea what the hell I’m doing…let’s see what happens” 😀

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