I’m totes trending!!!

I have not been trendy at any point in my life. I’m pretty sure I thought I was once. ..but I was wrong. HOWEVER, I now have documented proof to show my girls (when they are teenagers and I’m the height of uncool), that there was a point in time when I was officially trending. 

A major character trait of mine is that I downplay accomplishments. It is something that I have always done because I can’t stand people who show off and if you really want to see something exciting then watch someone try to bullshit me. I just don’t have the patience for that kind of thing. My husband says I overdo the downplaying though and make us seem super lame…he’s probably right. 
Well, this time I am going to toot my horn. I have just been featured in Living and Loving, a nationally syndicated magazine. How frikken awesome is that?! I went live with this blog three months ago after a year and a half of writing anonymously and now I’m in a magazine! So crazy. Blogging has really opened so many doors for me. All this while doing EVERYTHING from my little Samsung A3 and with practically zero reception in our apartment (ffs can the fibre just be installed already?!). I’ll be honest and say that I still look at this as a hobby and something to keep my mind busy but I think its time to move to the next level. 
World if you’re listening, I am finally acknowledging that I may actually be good at something. Time to put in some proper effort and see where it takes me…


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