Giving of thanks 

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in S.A. but I like the idea of taking a moment to look back on the year and appreciate the people that made it special. So here’s my belated version of Thanksgiving:

This year I am thankful to

  • My husband – for managing all our higher level family worries (income, investments, medical aid, did I mention income? etc) so that I only work myself into a frenzy over the day to day. For not running for the hills when post pregnancy hormones turned me into a tearful basketcase. For being such a hands on dad and borderline worshipping his girls. Also for being my best friend and still valuing my opinion so highly after all these years. For pushing me to be the best version of myself that I often can’t even see. For being the only person who can make me cry with laughter on a regular basis. Also for his Botswana accent. 
This is his happy face believe it or not…
    • My girls – for being the most precious little sausages I could have ever hoped for. Our eldest is kind, thoughtful and generous. Our youngest is feisty, mischievous and playful. They really are amazing kids and I’m enjoying watching them grow and change as much as my heart is breaking that they are growing and changing so quickly. 
      • My parents – for always supporting our crazy ideas even when they don’t necessarily agree with it. For being the best babysitters even though babysitting involves an 11kg baby bouncing on your stomach and listening to a four year old scream ‘look at me!’ as she does the sixty fourth weird dance for that day. For encouraging me in my endeavours and having rose-tinted glasses when looking at my art work 😂 For spoiling our girls with both attention and gifts.
      Thry have literally looked the same for the past ten years!
          • My sister – for being brave and taking a giant leap into adulthood where previously she had tiptoed. For trading in the known for the unknown. For being the person I always knew she was. But mostly for all the cool stuff she’s going to send me from Europe. 
          Unlike me, she has mastered the art of the selfie 😂
              • My momtribe – for making me feel as if I have settled in to this new and unfamiliar province. For accepting me and empathising with my unkempt hair and suitcases under my eyes. For opening new doors and sharing your lives with me and my girls. For all the breakfast specials we have shared and will continue to share. We really need a group photo!
              • My blogging buddies both local and international – for being so inclusive and encouraging. Its not often that you meet people who will support you in the same somewhat competitive arena. For being so down to earth and relatable but mostly for not commenting when my saucer was stuck to my mug. 
              I feel as if we’re going to regret this pose 😂
                • My helper – for taking a chance and contacting me directly even when my ad said I only wanted referrals. For genuinely caring for our girls and playing silly games with enthusiasm. For not resigning when walking in and seeing the kitchen sink..and lounge..and bedrooms. 

                  Thank you. I really appreciate what you do and who you are. 😘
                  Now I’m off to bed so that I can be thankful for a good nights sleep…zzz
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