The commercialism of Christmas and why I revel in it! 

I ❤ Christmas.

I did as a kid, then went through a stage of teenage indifference, loved it again as an adult and now that I have my own kids I SUPERLOVE it!

I know that Christmas is about Jesus. I get that. But the tree, decorations and gifts have nothing to do with Christianity and THOSE are the things I adore. The commercialism can drive people nuts but not me. I want to see fairy lights everywhere!!!! When malls try to outdo each other with their giant Christmas trees it makes my heart sing. All the giant S.A.L.E. boards advertising stuff I know I don’t need makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. Disclosure: I went through a brief period of anti-commercialism when I was apparently finding religion but it didn’t last very long. The truth will always win out!

Flashback: my favourite memory of Christmas is sitting at night, freshly bathed and in my nightie, with the lounge lights off and watching the twinkly lights on the tree. I’m not sure if it was Christmas day or Eve but my folks were outside chatting with some visitors and there was a general sense of quiet and peacefulness. I was sitting there alone but so content. It’s one of my clearest memories.

I’m that annoying person who finishes their gift shopping in October…and then gloats about it 😂 Seriously though, I have a list of people that I buy gifts for and if I see something I think they will like during the year then I buy it and pack it away. Unfortunately this often results in me overspending instead of saving because I forget that I bought stuff already…clearly a flaw with this plan. 

Half the haul 😅😅


ts aren't the highlight but they are a huge part of the fun. Who doesn't love presents?? And I'm not talking about expensive stuff. For me, Christmas is about quantity over quality. I rather have 4 cheap gifts that I dont need than one expensive one that I do. Its not about functionality, its about frivalousness and fun. My poor husband finally realised how serious I was about this after he got me a voucher for an online course last Christmas. Shame poor guy, I'm not very good at hiding my feelings 😂

Wedon't have a proper Christmas tree this year because it didn't make the cut when we were moving in March. I really regret that now because my girls love Christmas decorations as much as I do. We did buy a teeny tiny one from Woolies but besides half of it being eaten by our cat (who now poops tinsel and has been renamed Glitterbum), just 4 baubles and the poor thing looks ready to give up on life. So for now, the tinsel and fairy lights will have to do.

In terms of traditions I want to start with my girls…

  • I was going to buy chocolate Advent Calendars for all of us but instead I have bought my eldest an Activity Advent Calender. There’s little activities for her to complete and colour in everyday until Christmas. That keeps her entertained when I’m making the little one sleep so it works out really well.
  • We started decorating on the 1st and should be done by the 7th. Yes, it takes that long. I don’t know why.
  • On Christmas Eve we will leave milk and cookies out for Santa. Then my husband will take both girls outside to go look for reindeer prints while I hastily eat a cookie and load up all the presents under the tree. It worked out great last year and my daughter was crazy excited at presents that miraculously appeared. I feed off her energy though so things snowballed and we ended up opening all our gifts that night 😂😂😂
  • I also want to add a ‘giving’ element this year. So before the end of the year, we will add up the new toys that they get and then choose the same number of their old toys to give away.

There’s so many exciting things to do but for now I am off to book my Christmas themed pedicure…

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