Thursday’s Top 10 – My least useful baby products

I will preface this by saying that the items below are based on my own experience from my firstborn. I’m sure there are Mums who will swear by some of them and if it worked for you – lucky you!!! 😊

Here’s the list in no particular order:

Baby bath seat

We actually had two bath seats. The first had a metal frame with a removable fabric ‘seat’ that could be taken out to be washed (Image 1). The problem with that one was 1) if it didn’t dry properly it had a horrible damp smell, 2) it took forever to dry on non-sunny days 3) it was no easy feat getting the fabric back onto the frame. After a week or two of getting frustrated we decided to buy another bath seat (Image 2). We only used this one for a week or less. It’s just so hard! Our wiggly little baby would squirm in the water and it just didn’t look comfortable. In the end we ended up bathing both our girls with one hand wrapped around their back and gripping under their opposite arm while using our other hand to bathe them.

Changing mat on the campcot

I’m pretty sure most campcots come with the bassinet/changing mat attachment. It just never feels as if it’s the right height though. I tried using it with both girls, each using different cots, but it hurt my poor back every time I changed them. We didn’t have space for a changing table so I ended up just changing them on the bed which worked out perfectly. #oldschool

Onesies with studs down one leg

Oh. My. Goodness.

These drive me NUTS!!!! You have to open the studs half way up the poor baby’s tummy to get their other leg out and heaven help you if your kid has had a blow out while wearing one of these! Poo EVERYWHERE! Onesies are super cute but it’s way easier to change a baby wearing pants and a top than one of these. Especially at night. In winter. With the lights off.

Expensive baby swing

We did so much research trying to find the perfect swing and when we did, my cousin was super generous and gifted it to us. This was a swing, a rocker and a toddler chair. Sounds great right? And it was for a while. That is until our baby decided she’s not a fan of swinging, or rocking, or sitting anywhere that wasn’t my lap 🙈 The swing was barely used but it did not go to waste because we sold it and used the money towards a toddler bed so yay!

Sling type nappy bag

Dischem gives out this bag filled with baby goodies when you are in your third trimester and sign up for their Baby Club, which is fantastic. I ended up with about three sling type bags similar to this one. The problem I had was that it kept slipping off my shoulder. If I used it crossed over my chest then it would whack me in the stomach or back as I walked. Plus the bag was always really heavy which made my shoulders and neck ache. Not to mention that hubby didn’t love carrying around something that looked like a giant handbag either! Haha! So yeah, sling bags were out and the back pack was in!

Hooded baby towels

I know these towels are cute and useful when it’s cold and you want to cover baby’s head straight out of the bath. The thing is though, you can wrap them in the same way with a normal towel. Once that teeny tiny newborn stage was over we were left with a whole lot of hooded towels that were now too small to fit our babies.

Walking ring

Did you know that a walking ring actually slows down the baby’s ability to walk? Apparently when the bubs is moving along at the speed of light in that walking ring, he/she doesn’t realize that it his/her legs that are providing the momentum because they can’t see their legs from above. Kids learn by watching Cause and Effect. They don’t see their legs moving and their feet pushing the ground so they think the walking ring makes them move. It does come in handy when you want to cook quickly and need to keep them busy but not worth the space it takes, especially in an apartment.


Teethers just never caught on in our household. My kids would bite EVERYTHING but their teether. I tried getting different shapes, sizes, textures etc with no luck. My fingers got bitten the most when their gums were sore which was ok until they actually started sprouting teeth!

Expensive toys

If you have a kid already I’m sure you have learnt this lesson the hard way. Kids have REALLY short attention spans. The cost of a gift does not directly correlate to the amount of interest they show in it. We still occasionally fall into this trap but now we know that the R20 lucky packet will probably get more playtime than the R200 walkie talkies. Sad but true.

I’m pretty sure there are other items that should have made this list but my youngest is over a year now and I’m already forgetting the ‘baby’ stuff. You can also check out my list of the Ten Most Useful Baby Products. What were the worst baby items that you owned? And why??


5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top 10 – My least useful baby products

  1. I love your list. Hope the first time parents see it! OOH the expensive toys…Seeing as how my baby Troll is fascinated with labels, I’m considering getting him a bag of labels for his 1st birthday next week .ROFLMAO

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d have been lost without the bath seat and like your friends I used mine for months too! Certainly interesting and funny to see how we all find the same products useful or a waste of time.

        Liked by 1 person

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