A Day In The Life Of A Work From Home Mum

In case you missed it : Part 1 in the series – ‘A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mum’ 

I was so happy when my friend Carly agreed to let me spy on her feature her in this series. She has done what most of us aspire to, taken a fun project and turned it into a start-up that she can run from home. Carly has her fantastic blog, Mom of Two Little Girls, and she is also the guru behind Blue Media Edit where she provides social media coaching as well as editing and proofreading. She is incredibly organised and determined and if Carly wasn’t a dedicated Stay at Home Mum, I’m pretty sure she would be ruling a small country by now. 😀

Thanks Nadia for asking me to be part of this series. I am naturally nosy so I’m looking forward to reading about everyone else’s typical day. I guess I am a combination of a SAHM and a WFHM. My blogging takes up a lot of my time, but my new venture (Blue Media Edit) has started taking off slowly but steadily and so I guess that is how I can justify calling myself a ‘work from home mom’.
Here goes my typical day – a Wednesday.
05.30 – Alarm goes off, and I snooze it for 9 minutes – I don’t know why it’s set at 9 instead of 10, it just is. My husband is usually up already and about to leave the house, so I grunt good-bye to him at some point during this snooze time! (I’m not a morning person).

05.39 – Alarm goes off again and I get up, take a shower, feed my cats and birds and make myself a cup of coffee and make my bed.

06.00 – Wake the girls up with some gently loving ‘I’m gong to be a good mom today’ words of encouragement.

06.10 – Get breakfast of cereal or toast ready for them and make their lunchboxes up whilst they eat breakfast to the soundtrack of Disney Junior on the TV in the background.

Between this time and 06.30 I continuously remind them to eat their breakfast because if I don’t nag them then they will take an hour to eat and we’ll be late. I know I could turn the TV off but at least for the 20 minutes that they are glued to the TV I don’t have to speak to anyone really, other than the nagging. Did I mention I’m not a morning person?

06.30- I send them off to get dressed for school. I spend the next half hour shouting out one-word commands as loving reminders of the simple tasks I need them to do. Clothes. Shoes. Teeth. Hair. Shoes. Bags. WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?
I also put a load of washing in the machine and make their beds, do any washing up that’s required and try to drink my cold coffee without throwing up.

07.00 – I pack their lunch boxes into their school bags and we get in the car. This takes a further 10 minutes. I don’t know why! It takes longer to get them in the car than it does to drive to school.

07.20 – I have completed the drive to school and the drop off at each classroom (yes, it’s a small town – it takes me 4 minutes to drive to the school in rush hour traffic – crazy).
I then sit in the car for 5 minutes and check my phone for messages, tweets, emails and whatsapps. I’m a blogger – it’s what I do.

07.30 – At home I put the kettle on, hang the washing up, sweep & tidy the house quick, and pick up everything the girls own off the floor. HOW? WHY?

08.30 – I sit down and start my work. I share my scheduled post on social media, check my emails, respond to any enquiries and generally get some work done.

11.30 – I dash to the shops to get whatever groceries I need, usually not much as I try to do a big shop at the beginning of the month, so I don’t have to go every day.

12.30 – I fetch the girls from school. It’s still early on in the first term so they have staggered finish times. For now, it’s 12.30 but eventually they will work it up to 13.30. This will be a long day for my four-year-old, so I might end up fetching her earlier then going back to fetch my Grade Oner when she is done at 13.30.
Lunch time collection gives me a chance to talk to actual real-life people and catch up with other parents on how their kids are doing. I like it. I’m not a social butterfly but I can chat for 15 minutes or so.

13.00 – Home, unpack school bags, and break up the first fight of the afternoon. I wonder why I bothered packing a lunch box when I realise they didn’t eat half the food I packed, and then I end up eating their left0-overs (provided it isn’t covered in yoghurt – kids are gross!) – this is most likely my first ‘meal’ of the day.

I go over my eldest’s home work book and give her the choice of doing it there and then or after the afternoon activity.

14.45 – Head back to school to drop the eldest at Art Club, then race across town to take my youngest to Dancing as both start at 15.00. Dancing is half an hour, so I just wait there then when she’s done we head back to school to fetch the other one from Art.

15.45 – Home. The girls then relax and watch some TV, or we do the homework if it wasn’t done before Art.

16.00 – The girls usually swim late in the afternoon. I don’t like them in the sun mid-day as it is too hot, but the afternoons are fine.

16.30 – I usually give the girls a snack as swimming makes them hungry. Then I start dinner. I hate cooking and I hate deciding what to cook even more but I do try to have something edible for the family ready by 17.30. The cooking can also make me really thirsty so I quite often have a glass of wine as I go.

17.30 – From this time of the day, until when my husband gets home at 18.00 is spent trying to get the starving kids to wait for daddy to come home so we can eat as a family, and also trying to keep the four-year-old awake! This might be the hardest task of the day!
I also try to post a #winewednesday post to Instagram around this time of the day.

18.00 – Daddy is home, we eat and then the girls go to bath whilst I tidy up after dinner.

19.00 – TV time – usually snakes! Yes, daddy and the girls look for any wildlife programme that has snakes on it whilst I check back in on my phone and try to sit and relax for half an hour.

19.30 – Bedtime for the girls.

The rest of the evening is spent just chilling. I sometimes prepare my blog post for the next day and catch up on my social media sharing whilst my husband watches a bit of TV and then he normally heads of to bed at some point.

22.00 – I struggle to get to sleep at night so I normally ‘work’ until around 22.00 and then I go to bed exhausted.

And then we do it all over again the next day.

Honestly, the flexibility of being a Work from Home Mum is the winner. I have written before about how my family are spoilt by the fact that I don’t have a 9-5 job. It wasn’t until very recently that my blog & Blue Media Edit became ‘work’ and even now that it is, the fact that I can do every single school drop off and pick-up, and attend all school events, as well as run around dropping off dry-cleaning or gong to the bank, or grocery shopping without the kids are all things I will forever be grateful to my husband for affording us the opportunity for that to be our life. But anyone who says that mom’s who don’t go to work must have it easy, don’t realise that we make sacrifices for that life too.

If you’re wondering how else you can follow Carly on social media (and if you weren’t before, you are now) you can click on the links below.


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