A Day in the Life of a Mum of Twins

Before actually having kids, I always hoped to have twins. How amazing it must be to grow up with someone that could relate to everything you’re going through. To always have a friend when you go anywhere and someone to keep all your secrets. That dream was firmly squashed when I did actually have a child and then the thought of two babies at the same time sounded more like torture than a dream come true! While I no longer hold onto the dream of a double stroller, I love looking at twin pictures on Instagram. They’re just so darn cute! That’s how I came across Chantal’s account that she keeps for her little girls. She was kind enough to give us a glimpse into her day.

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As a twin mom, the only thing I can be totally sure of, is that no two days are the same. During the week, the twins spend a full day at playschool. We use the weekends to spend quality time together as a family.

A typical Sunday in our household looks like this:

3:48 am – Harper normally wakes just before dawn (Mother Nature and her wicked ways), and calls for me in the most inhumane voice: “Maaaaammma”. I stumble out of bed as quickly as I can, hoping to prevent her screams from waking Avalon. The only thing worse than having a kid awake at this hour would be having TWO kids awake at this hour. I take her to my bed, and say a silent prayer begging for at least an hour more of sleep.

4:35am – I wake to the most beautiful face staring at me with a deep frown. “Mama, wake up” she says in exasperation. I embrace my ‘Bad Mom’ persona and hand her the iPad while I go back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

5:05am – Time to wake up, I can already hear Avalon downstairs singing along to Peppa Pig on the TV.

6:15am – I finally feel semi-human and (mostly) awake after a big cup of coffee. We check the weather to decide what to do for the day. Our Sunday routine normally consists of getting brekkie at Wimpy. It may have something to do with the wonderful new play area at our local branch which keeps the girls entertained for hours!

7:02am – Teeth have been brushed, wild curls have been tamed, shorts and T-shirts are on! But I have located precisely 3 shoes. So the hunt begins for the missing footwear. I try to turn it into a game…they’re not buying it. The shoe is eventually located on top of the fridge. How?! Just how?!!

7:35am – And we are out the door!

7:43am – The girls bounce into Wimpy like they own it. I sink into a booth and order two large cappuccinos for Martin and me. It will be a while before we see the girls, they are already on the second level of the climbing gym, with their favourite Wimpy child-minder cheering them on. I order breakfast for us all and sit back to enjoy my coffee.

8:01 – Our food arrives so now begins the battle to get the girls out of the play area. I threaten to take them home unless all their breakfast is eaten. It mostly does the trick and before long, they’re back to playing.

9:15am – We are NOT ashamed that we lingered for more than an hour after breakfast, leisurely enjoying second cappuccinos, whilst we checked our phones, chatted and decided on the plan for the day. As it was a typical Durban day we decided to go to the beach. (It’s also the only way we were able convince the girls to leave their favourite play area). We live about 5 minutes away from the beach which is a real blessing. We keep the car packed with buckets and spades, towels and snacks for impromptu beach trips (much like this one) which occur frequently.

11:07 – The girls have collected sea shells, built sandcastles and have petted every dog we’ve seen. It’s time to head on home.

11:20 – We’re home and we jump straight into the bath to wash off sandy feet and grimy hands. Sundays usually mean hair-washing…which looks and sounds much like an exorcism in water. It takes ages to dry the girl’s hair. They have so much hair!!! When did that happen??? Avalon was bald until about 6 month old!

12:02 – Nap time! We get the girls into their rooms and use this time to have lunch if we’re hungry or nap if we’re tired. I choose to nap and get into bed with a magazine and some chocolate. The girls are good nappers, so we normally get an hour and half of “me-time” which is always welcome.

13:35 – Harper’s up first, followed closely by Avalon. I get lunch ready while they scoot around Martin in the front yard on their bikes. There’s always drama to get them to eat and we pull out our bag of tricks: sweet voice, bribes, stern voice, more bribes, threats, anger, and eventually acceptance.

14:08 –  The girls spend the next two hours in their playhouse “cooking” us meals and having tea parties. We invested in a real-life playhouse and the girls just love spending time in their own space, pretending to be masters of their kitchen, playing shop, and reading their favourite books. They end up fighting with each other, A LOT, and Martin and I take turns playing referee.

16:15 – Grandma and Grandpa arrives and the sun has finally made its way behind our house so Martin gets the girls into their swimsuits. They’re all in the pool in a blink of the eye and I use the opportunity to grab us all some chips, milkshakes for the girls and a chilled white wine for the grown-ups.

17:38: The girls (finally) get out of the pool, and I get them straight into the shower. Into PJ’s and then we all get ready for a low-key braai which is just an excuse to cook outside in the magnificent Durban summer. The girls are carnivores, much like their dad and look on sadly as I place my meat-free ‘sausages’ on the braai.

18:56: The grandparents are leaving so there’s kisses and hugs all round. The girls snuggle up to us on the couch and we give them half an hour of screen time before bed. I spend the time catching up on emails and Design Home challenges, while Martin plays some random game on his phone. The girls are on the Youtube Kids channel and flip through PJ Masks, unboxing of toys and Super Simple Learning videos. I try to monitor their content to the point of obsession since there have been so many horror stories…

19:30 – The girls need to be in bed by seven thirty, no negotiation. We used a sleep trainer when the girls were 6 months old and have remained consistent in that approach throughout. We tuck them into bed and linger for cuddles and kisses before turning off the light and whispering ‘goodnight’.

19:45 – I head down to pack school lunches for tomorrow ensuring that Harper gets strawberry yogurt and Avalon gets banana (because she hates strawberries). I lay out their clothes for the next day, so we don’t have to rush quite as much in the morning. I get Martin’s lunch ready and put the leftovers into the fridge. I feed the cat and prep the coffee machine for the morning. I give the kitchen and lounge a quick tidy up so it’s presentable in the morning.

20:50 – A long hot shower. Bliss!

22:30 – After binge-watching a few episodes of ‘This is Us’… I can barely keep my eyes open. I re-check all the doors and windows, switch on the alarm and make my way to bed.

One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Mum of Twins

  1. What a busy day for a Sunday, soundsjust perfect! We have no routine on a Sunday accept for Sunday school/church and a braai…. everything else changes ever Sunday! Having twins must be hard. I can’t imagine so hats off to you and any other mom out there who has twins! This is when the juggling gets real. Xxx

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