It’s A #Friendship

Such a sweet post by one of my favourite blogging buddies!

I started writing in 2016. I didn’t call myself a blogger because it wasn’t really what I was doing, or so I thought at the time. I just wrote and shared my story on Facebook under a different name.

It so happened that an awesome South African Mommy Blogger, Mom Of Two Little Girls, lives just up the road from me. She found me ‘on the line’ as my kids would call it. It took a while for us to really connect. I guess you could put it down to life and all the stuff in it. Once we finally got time to sit and talk, she introduced me to the world of ‘blogging’, and I was hooked!

I realised what a huge blogging world is actually out there, one I had been completely unaware of, and it took me by surprise. How could I have been so naive?…

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