What’s for dinner?

If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen my What’s for dinner? posts. This is something new that I started this week as a way for me to reconnect with my love of cooking. As a by-product, I will be giving you meal ideas that are really simple, quick, (usually) healthy and most importantly tasty.

Monday night

This was an Asian inspired, pork stir fry. And it was amazing!!!! So good in fact, that we ate it all and I had no leftovers for lunch the next day! I try to cook big meals for supper so that I only cook once a day. I forgot to add honey to my ingredients pic but I used it to fry the veg.

Tuesday night

I was running late on Tuesday and the girls were hungry earlier than usual, so I had to whip up supper in a hurry while keeping two grumpy kids from fighting. This may look like a weird combination but it actually went together quite well.

Wednesday night

I love making meals like these because I can just pop it into the oven and go do something else. Everything was tasty but the caramelised onion hummus stole the show. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Thursday night

Wraps are so easy to make and this one was no exception. I added some stir fry sauce to the mince and it was fantastic but the wraps itself weren’t great. They were very tough and pretty tasteless. There should have been a tomato and cucumber salsa on the side but the girls ate them all for lunch!

Friday night

I actually made two pizzas but I let my daughter add the toppings for the first one so it didn’t make the Instagram cut 😂 We love these pizzas and eat it on its own or used as a base as in this case. The chillie and garlic added some kick.

Growing up, we ate home cooked meals almost every night and my mums food is amazing! Takeout was something that we had quite rarely so cooking every day is very normal to me. I am not a fancy chef. I cook hearty meals that don’t always look the prettiest on the plate, but usually taste really good. So if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, I hope you find it here 😊

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