My one year old’s shoe fetish

My youngest is almost a year and a half. That’s still really teeny tiny in non-scientific baby terms, yet she has a shoe obsession that outshines anyone I have ever known, except my mum (so sad that we don’t wear the same size!) and a friend from campus. It’s not that she has a vast quantity of shoes, because she doesn’t. I intentionally keep her shoes to an absolute max of 5 at a time because babies grow so quickly that she only wears her shoes for a few months before they need to be replaced. For her it is a deep love for shoes of any shape and size. Switching the tv on is an easy way to keep children busy when you need to get something done. With my daughter, I can just plonk her down on the carpet with a few pairs of shoes (it doesn’t even have to be her own) and she will be busy until I come back.

When Superbalist asked me to raise awareness of their girls and boys shoe range, I thanked my lucky stars that my daughter is still too young to read what I write or know what I’m doing. If she saw all the cute infant shoes on there, I (her dad actually, haha!) would be in big trouble! Instead, I looked through the shoes on her behalf and oohed and aahed my way down the list. I even got a bit broody over the baby boy shoes (Universe, please don’t take that as a hint!)

Here are the 5 baby girls shoes that I ‘window shopped’ and which would work perfectly with my daughters current wardrobe:

1. Paradise City – by ShooShoos – R379

I’ll be honest, these shoes would go with pretty much everything she owns. I have no idea how we ended up with so much of pink clothing.

However, it will pair best with this pretty little number:

2. Clark – by ShooShoos – R449

How cute are these?!!! I love it! (note to self: check Women’s range for matching pair)

These high tops would look great with jeans and a simple tee. I am far from a fashionista but I feel that your outfit needs to be simple when your shoes are this eye catching.

This is my best choice:

3. Kids Superstar 360 – by Adidas Originals – R849

I picked these for two reasons. The first is that it’s really colorful and she will love it, but also because they have bigger sizes available which means I can get a matching pair for my eldest! (Ah the things I swore I wouldn’t do as a parent…)

Sneakers this flowery, scream Spring/Summer so I’m going to pair it with shorts and a cool tee:

4. Looney Tunes trainer – by Cotton On – R269

YES!!!! You are seeing correctly! Those are Looney Toon Characters! How novel! These would actually from the Girls range and will suit my eldest much better. Though she probably won’t recognize any of the characters, I will!

This character sneakers will look adorable with a little dress:

5. Malibu – by ShooShoos – R379

Lastly is another ShooShoos beauty because I love that brand. It’s both comfy for my babies chubby little feet and also aesthetically pleasing to meet her high standards.

This is one of my favourite dresses to see her in and it matches perfectly:

If you weren’t in the mood for shoe shopping before, you probably are now. I am an online shopping addict, I hate going into the shops for anything except grocery shopping or browsing in Clicks. I have apps for most of the online stores and if you havn’t signed up for Superbalist before, you can download the app on Android or Apple and you get R250 off if you spend R600 or more.

How did we live before online shopping??!!!

This post was done in collaboration with Superbalist but the review is entirely my own opinion.


5 thoughts on “My one year old’s shoe fetish

  1. Omg. Where were these shoes when I was young? I wish I had little girls to dress with those shoes. Who says you are not a Fashionista Nads? Those are pretty cool combinations. I can just picture the girls in them.

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