A Day in the Life of a Working Mum

There are some people in life that you just immediately click with, for me Jeanne-Riette is one of those people. She has a wicked sense of humour and loves food even more than I do! While she is not a typical 9-5 working mum (she runs her own business), she usually works a full day and then magically transforms to MammaChefJozi at night.  This crazy selfless woman creates weekly menu plans and recipes that she mails out every week FOR FREE!!!! I kid you not. And it’s really good, quick and easy meals!!! I suggest you sign up here ASAP before she listens to my advice and starts charging,haha! She recently published a very personal post that highlighted how amazing it is that shes come as far as she has. You can read it here and get all emo like I did.

Here’s a day in Jeanne-Riette’s life…


I jumped at the chance to write a little bit for The Non-Adventures of a Stay at Home Mum when Nadia asked me because 1. she’s absolutely incredible and I’m a fan; 2. joining the group of amazing women she has featured on her blog was an invitation I just couldn’t refuse… Just a day in her own life as a Stay at Home Mum was an eye opener!

Reading this series of a “Day in the Life of…” has given such a rare glimpse into the lives of friends, businesswomen, mothers that really allows you to put yourself into their shoes. It makes you realise even more so that we all have our own unique strengths, challenges, insecurities and joys. It has been an inspiration! So when she asked me to take it on, I thought I was going to give it my best shot!

I picked a random day, as my days are never the same, and I decided that I would quite literally keep my notebook at my side all day long and note every possible thing down. I stayed committed to my task and it turned out to be a pretty good day! So here goes…

A Wednesday in the Life of MammaChef Jozi

06:05 – I hear SuperDad’s voice as he comes into the room… saying something indistinct. I hear the “clonk” as he puts the coffee mug on my bedside table. Just one more minute?

No! Not the light! He opens the curtains far too fast for my fragile early morning constitution to deal with. I have a good reason not to lift my head as Blake has my hair twisted through his little fingers, still fast asleep.

It takes us a good 10 minutes to get ourselves up and at ‘em and between 06:15 and 06:45 it’s hustle and bustle until they finally bubble out of the house, into the car and off to school and work.

06:45 – I go around watering the plants while having a chat to the dog and then check a little social media, email and so on. When I don’t have early appointments I usually use the quiet time to meditate or do a little yoga but today’s not that day.

08:05 – Remember to take out the mince to defrost for supper, then hop in the car and leave for my first meeting in the South of Jozi, which is with a business network. I do outsourced HR and payroll management for SME’s and my business partner runs the recruitment division of the business. Majenta Personnel is based in Bedfordview but we work all over the country and recruitment is done internationally as well. I could go on and on… I absolutely love what I do!

On the way to the meeting I listen to one of my favourite personal development podcasts. This is something I have been doing for about 2 years and it has made a phenomenal impact on my life.

08:35 – Arrive at destination, walk in way too high heels to the conference venue. Realise at the door that I left my handbag in the car and walk all the way back.

08:40 – Back in the conference venue I sign in and realise that I had put my phone down in the boot… and again walk all the way back to the car.

08:45 – Have a good cup of coffee, chatting to some people and a couple of issues have popped up at work. Team work makes the dream work and via email and WhatsApp we’ve cleaned up the mess by the time my meeting starts at 09:00.

10:30 – Meeting done and I return a few phone calls, catch up on important emails and have a quick squizz at what’s happening on social media.

11:00 – Next meeting, luckily still at the same venue.

11:46 – Meeting done, work work work, drink some water….

12:15 – Next meeting.

13:37 – Leaving the meetings with a new client signed! Happy, happy, happy!

Driving back is my chance to take a breath, give my brain a little gap to collect itself, listen to another podcast.

13:58 – Arrive at the hairdresser… trust me, my hair has been begging!

14:58 – Head is foiled, I spend the time focusing on social media. Besides MammaChef Jozi, I also run the social media for Majenta Personnel and have been helping out two other companies to get started as well. I work on a few designs, send some emails, post some things etc.

15:35 – Blake’s teacher phones saying that he has fallen off the jungle gym at school, only from the second step but he did bonk his head. I trust this teacher implicitly, she has rushed Wade to hospital with a beesting, has seen them through many an injury and is just THE person you want to be there in an emergency. So she has checked him and given ice pack and stuck stars all over his head… he’s all good!

16:06 – On the way to school… the plan is to get Wade dressed and rush off to soccer training straight from school. Luckily as I arrive at school, SuperDad lets me know he’s leaving work early and he will pick Wade up from home and take him to soccer. Yay!

16:45 – The snack cupboard has been sufficiently raided and SuperDad and Wade are off to training.

16:55 – I close a new recruitment client, run bath water for Blake and get the laptop going to send out a couple of agreements. I have 50 emails downloading since I last went in this morning.

17:31 – Blake’s playing happily in the bath, spent some time behind the computer… ehhhh… who am I again?

*pours a glass of wine*

17:40 – As I start prepping for supper I realise I haven’t eaten anything today.

This evening’s dinner is an all time favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese with a little twist from Pauli’s Food Co.

Cooking is really my chill time… I focus on the food and go into my little zone, take a few photos along the way and really just enjoy watching the meal come together.

17:55 – The washing of the hair is done and I finally manage to extricate Blake from the bath.

18:20 – The guys are home from soccer and dinner is served. Remembering to take photos for MammaChef Jozi when we’re dishing up! We make an effort to have dinner together at the table on most days, now and then the boys or SuperDad will eat in the lounge only if they really, really want to watch something on TV.

18:45 – Dinner is done. Dad takes the cleanup while Mamma supervises homework. I usually prefer that Wade gets his homework done at school so that he (we) can relax in the evening, but he has had rugby and soccer today so just hasn’t had time. He keeps me entertained by singing Thunderstruck over his maths book.

19:20 – Homework done and I take a little look at social media and WhatsApp again.

19:36 – It’s music time… instead of TV, we normally watch some music videos on YouTube in the evenings. It’s become a bit of a family tradition and gets the boys relaxed for bedtime. Very often Blake will ask SuperDad to pick him up and they dance. My favourite time of day.

20:00 – Boys go to bed and the rest of the evening is spent chatting and reading and thinking, planning and dreaming.

I drag my tired body off to bed at some point. It has been a good day and my brain is buzzing with so many ideas and to-do’s. I make notes, massage a cramp in my foot (ouch!) and research whatever comes to mind. The last time I look at the time it’s 22:48 – tomorrow is another early morning and a busy day!

Isn’t she great?! I cracked up when I saw how specific she was with the time because I know her notebook was literally within arms reach the ENTIRE day. You can follow Jeanne-Riette on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Seriously though, you really need to check out her meal plans. Her food makes me drool.

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