A Day in the Life of a Student Mum

The year after I got married, I had the bright idea of getting a third degree. I had all the credits to jump into the second year of B.Comm Accounting so I registered, bought all the textbooks, a new comfy swivel chair, some awesome stationery and got into it. I only lasted one semester.

At the time I had no kids and a pretty laid back job. I just could not muster the determination to stick with a study schedule or to sacrifice sleep to work on assignments. I laugh to myself now because when I think back I had SO much of free time! I cannot for the life of me imagine studying now, with two little kids to look after. However, that’s exactly what Ashley Marsh is doing at the moment. She is incredibly disciplined with her time and balances her student and stay at home mum life like a pro. There are her campus days that she strictly dedicates to classes and homework and the rest of the week she is on duty as a full time mum. She also happens to be an incredible blogger (A Vodka Kind of Mom) as well as the admin on a female empowerment Instagram account called International Girl Gang. Here’s a day in her life…


I am a full-time student and a full time ‘stay at home mom’, which is as busy as it sounds! I am currently at a community college in the Bay Area but am applying for Berkeley in August, which I’m so excited for. I am double majoring in Psychology and Women’s Studies. My goal is to have a Bachelor’s degree in both of those subjects, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and then a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. My ultimate dream would be to have all of these degrees coming from University of California Berkeley.

I am incredibly lucky to have found a nanny who I trust completely with my boys and my home. She gets to my house at 6 AM (twice a week and 8 AM the other 2 days), gets them ready, takes Cash, my older son, to school and picks him up, and spoils the heck out of both of them.

As a student mom, I try to take early morning classes so I can have the afternoon to study and be with my boys who are 4 ½ & 2 but it cuts into my sleeping, and I am a girl who loves/needs her sleep! I set my alarm for 4:30, 4:45, and usually get out of bed closer to 5; I know myself, hence the two other alarms. I do want to note here that I have Monday/Wednesday Classes and Tuesday/Thursday classes so those days are structured a little differently. For the most part everything shifts an hour and a half later for Tuesday/Thursday.

5:00 – Up and out of bed to get ready for the busy day ahead.

6:00 – Out the door. The good days are when it happens before my kids are awake. If not between 5-6 are filled with trying to get ready and having a needy 2-year-old who wants toast, Pete’s Dragon, or “Mommy hold me.”

7:00 – 9:15 – Math Lecture

9:30 – 10:50 – Biological Science Lecture

11:00 – 13:50 – Biological Science Lab  

14:30 – Home to happy boys who have been fed lunch and had a fun day at school and playing.

14:45 – By this time I’m usually breaking up an argument between the boys, which pushes my patience to its breaking point. My brain is fried from lecture, lab, and the ‘kids’ I go to school with. I am at a community college like I said so I am usually either the oldest or one of the oldest students at 28.

14:50 – Packing the boys’ gym bags with water, pirate’s booty, cereal, fruit snacks, veggie straws, etc. Our gym is across the street and has a day care that we can use up to 4 hours a day; it’s a god send.

15:00 – We’ve all got shoes, toys, suckers, jackets, and backpacks packed into the stroller and are walking across the street to the gym.


15:10 – The boys are checked into Kids World (day care at our gym) and happily playing. It’s so nice because a lot of the parents/nannies come at the same time so the kids get to know each other and have each made strong friendships with a few different kids.

15:15 – I am posted up at the bar, our gym is also a hotel so they have a café, bar, and restaurant, laptop open, notebooks spread out, and beer in hand, sometimes a Red Bull.

15:15-17:30 – I am working on homework from one of my three classes this semester, my personal blog (A Vodka Kind Of Mom) or the business blog I’m working for (Utah Mom Expo – this blog launches April 1). I also use this time to socialize with the friends I’ve made at ‘the club.’

17:30-18:30 – I either do a live spin class or use the Peloton app to do a virtual spin class.

18:45 – It’s now time to grab the boys from Kids World. Depending on when my husband is getting home determines is we go straight home or go into the club and let the boys say hi to their grown-up friends. Our boys have become besties with one of the bartenders and plenty of the parents who hang out at the club while their kids are in Kids World. Now before you judge me let me explain that we spend time with said bartender and his wife outside of the club and they are both teachers to children with special needs during the day; they are amazing people who are very dear to my heart so it’s not like my boys are hanging out at a bar.

19:00 – We are usually home by 7 or 7:15 to start dinner. I have learned it’s a smart idea to talk about what they each wants dinner on the way home instead of waiting until we are home.

19:15 – Dinner time! Now this is honestly the worst time of the day for me. Tate, my youngest is still living off rice, French fries, and yogurt; while Cash will sometimes eat what, we are eating but hardly ever. Which means I am making 3 dinners every night. My husband is usually pretty helpful and will make our dinner or help entertain the kids.

19:45 – The boys are eating at this point and our dinner is finished or close to it. The kids will usually be in front of the TV watching a movie on Netflix to wind down before bed time.

20:00 – Time to get the boys changed and ready for bed. FINALLY!!

20:15 – Bed time. My boys share a room and either my husband or I have to go in there and sit next to/lay with our younger son until he falls asleep, which can take anywhere between 5-30 minutes depending on the day and his mood.

20:30 – 21:00 – I am cleaning up the dishes from dinner and picking up the mess left by the boys.

21:30 – I try to go to bed around this time but that really depends on how much homework I got done at the gym. There are times when I have to stay up and work and other times I pass right out.

I have the utmost respect for mums who balance raising their kids with studying to better their lives. My own mum studied part time when I was really little and got her degree while working full time and caring for her three kids (my younger sister, myself and my dad 😂😂😂 sorry dad!). Well done Ashley! Also, if you are interested in female empowerment and uplifting women (and you should be) then you need to follow her blog.

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