Nirvana Slimming and Aesthetic Studio – Giveaway!!!

About two months ago, I saw an ad on one of my Facebook groups from the owner of a slimming clinic who was looking for models. The offer was for three sessions of a treatment of my choice (body contouring, ultrasonic cellulite treatment, ultrasonic liposuction or ultrasonic stretch mark therapy). I confess I didn’t read any further, I just popped Bonita (the owner) a message saying I would be keen, because who doesn’t want to get rid of cellulite or stretch marks???? FOR FREE!! My stretch marks don’t bother me but my mummytummypouch (I know that isn’t an actually word but it should be) does. I was quite skeptical of course because it really cannot be that easy but at the same time I was hoping that it actually was.Luckily for me (and you!!) Bonny signed me up for three sessions and also agreed to do an AMAZING giveaway (keep reading…).

I probably should have timed my sessions a bit better because my birthday fell right in the middle of it and I party hard! I’m not talking late nights and margaritas, although there was that, I’m talking chocolate cake. If I’m being completely honest, there were two chocolate cakes, copious amounts of donuts and no small quantities of pre-Bought Easter eggs. Yeah, I’m not proud and I’m currently typing this post out while at the gym trying to repair the damage 🙈 In spite of ALLLLLLL that, I lost almost 10cms around my waist and there is definitely more definition along the sides of my stomach.

My Before and After pics

About the clinic

I’m going to show you a few more Before and After pics just now of other happy clients but first let me tell you about the clinic. It’s called Nirvana Slimming and Aesthetic Studio and is based at The Zone in Rosebank. It’s run by the lovely Bonita Stevens who believes in her service so much that she left a lucrative corporate career to start the slimming clinic. Her eagerness to help women regain their self confidence is so genuine that my skepticism evaporated within ten minutes of meeting her. She settles all my concerns regarding the safety of the procedure and went through a thorough breakdown of what happens during the treatment.

She has this amazing machine (It says CRACK! and MELT! for the two step process. I love the dramatic approach to fat removal, lol)

that breaks down those stubborn fat cells and then it melts the fat so that your body naturally disposes of it (provided you drink at least 6 glasses of water to help flush it all away). The treatment is painless and just feels like a focused massage. Here are a few Before and After pics and you can have a look at a few more here :

I literally saw a difference after the first session. What blows me away though are the stretch mark treatments. Most women (more so if you have been pregnant) have stretch marks and stubborn fat, especially around the mid section. Yes, you can buy expensive tissue oils, change your eating plan and exercise regularly but sometimes you really just want a quick solution and THIS IS IT! Once you have dropped those centimeters you are more likely to want to exercise and to eat healthier meals because you want to maintain the centimeter loss. Also, I would bet good money that having less noticeable stretch marks is a big confidence booster.

The Giveaway

Bonny is offering one VERY lucky winner…

FIVE free sessions at the studio for a treatment of their choice. You will meet Bonny beforehand for an assessment and she will help you decide which treatment would be most beneficial to you. This prize is worth almost R3,000!!! Trust me, you want to enter!

But first, a few Ts and Cs you need to be aware of before entering:

  • The prize cannot be converted to cash
  • The prize is not transferable
  • The treatments are only redeemable at The Nirvana Slimming and Aesthetic Studio at The Zone in Rosebank, Johannesburg
  • Sessions need to be done once a week over 5 consecutive weeks
  • Candidates must be medically fit or disclose any conditions prior to starting treatment
  • Candidates cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • The assessment needs to be done and sessions booked within six months of the close of this competition
  • Max two entries per person

Should you not win but still want the treatments (I highly recommend it!), Bonny has offered free assessments to anyone who books and mentions that they heard about the clinic on this blog.

And that’s it! To enter, head on over to my Instagram account and follow the simple instructions

Good luck!!!!

6 thoughts on “Nirvana Slimming and Aesthetic Studio – Giveaway!!!

  1. Those pics are amazing. I would encourage anyone who needs to lose those really hideous stretch marks and cellulite around the tummy to go for it.
    My war with fat and cellulite is an ongoing battle.
    Well done to Bonny and her clinic.

    Liked by 1 person

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