When Mother-Daughter Date Day gets Disneyfied!

I don’t get to spend as much one on one time with my eldest as I used to. This is the trade off for having more than one child and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but I do miss our time together so when I was invited to the mini #GirlMomsMeetUp (for mums with daughters aged 5-10) I immediately said yes! Though for the sake of full disclosure I should also mention that the meetup has been created by my blogging buddies Charlene (High Heels and Fairy Tales), Chanene (the award winning Tonic and Tiaras) and Carly (Mom of Two Little Girls) so I would have said yes regardless of what we were invited  for, haha! Luckily for us though, this meetup was full of fun and SO much of spoils for the girls.

The mini #GirlMomsMeetUp

The event was hosted by Toy Kingdom which is one of my daughters favourite stores, she can play for ages at the LEGO tables there! I kept the meetup a secret from her because if you have kids you know that they have no real time reference so a day of waiting feels like a week of waiting which can lead to a million ‘can we go now?!’ questions. What I couldn’t hide though, was a special delivery that arrived for her a few days before the actual event. This is what was inside:

Look at this beautiful doll!!!! Rapunzel is her favourite Disney Princess so you can imagine the shrieks of joy when this gift was opened. This gorgeous doll is part of the Disney #BeAmazing range and besides the fantastic mobility of the dolls limbs (seriously, the best I have ever seen on a doll!), it also comes with a ‘magic wand’ that you use to ‘paint’ her dress. This is what happens…

(Insert more shrieks of joy). Well, as you can imagine, Raps became her best buddy and they even had matching hairstyles for the rest of the week. Too cute!!!

The big day finally arrived

Saturday rolled by and we made the trek (I’m from Durban, anything more than a twenty minute drive makes me feel like I need to pack extra clothes and padkos) to the East Rand Mall for our date at Toy Kingdom. We were welcomed by Cherish who was our host for the event and the girls took to her immediately! She had the high energy needed to hold the attention of ten little girls, pumped with excitement, for the entire event.

Our first stop was at the Build a Bear Workshop inside Toy Kingdom. The girls got to choose a Princess Bear each, as well as a Disney Princess dress to match. Take a moment to picture this: little girls + princess bears + teeny tiny gorgeous outfits…they were freaking out!!!! And to be fair, the mums were loving it too! Once the bears were chosen, the girls patiently waited to have their princess bears stuffed (not as horrifying as it sounds at all), which was followed by a Heart Ceremony. Each little girl made a wish which was sealed by their mum’s kiss and then the heart was placed inside their bear. How sweet!

The beautiful bears were then sealed, dressed and accessorized by their new little mummies.

Each Bear was named and received her own birth certificate then the mums, kids and the bears had a little break and were spoilt by an assortment of goodies from Fournos Bakery. Diet plans were thrown out the window with zero regret! Those custard pastries were ridiculously good!!!

It didn’t end there!

The fun wasn’t over though!! Next up was a balloon blowing competition but it wasn’t what you expect. The ‘balloon’ was squeezed out of a tube!!!! The play dough type substance was then placed on the end of what looked like a whistle and then the girls had to blow them up. They had SO much fun and we were all amazed at how huge these balloons actually grew!

Next came a ‘train’ run through the store of which I have no pictures because they were THAT FAST!!!! Poor Cherish probably needed a two hour lunch break after we all left! Just before the event wrapped up, the girls received a very special visit from Toadie and Pawline as well as MORE PRESENTS!!!!! They were being treated by a toy store after all!

Another Disney Princess Doll (Anna) came home with us (and was gifted to a very grateful baby sister) and my own little princess fell asleep within five minutes of us driving back home.


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