The lowdown on the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

How much do you spend on food a week?

This is a question I asked my friends as well as my followers on Instagram. The reason I asked is because we, as a family of 4, spend R1,500 – R2,500 a week on food (groceries, snacks, eating out and takeaway) which I think is absolutely ridiculous!!! It’s way too much to be spending and I’m not proud to say this but I am the culprit. I don’t meal plan but I do occasionally come up with a grocery list that I take with me to the shops. The problem is that I don’t stick to the list.

‘2 tubs of Tin Roof for R100?! Wow what a great special!!!’ Add it to the trolley.

‘Ooh alphabet crackers!! The girls will love this!’ Add it to the trolley.

‘Three packs of yoghurt for the price of 2?! I’ll take 6 then for the price of 4!’ Add it to the trolley while laughing like a crazy person.

Do you see the problem here? I’m an impulse shopper and I am also apparently really bad at math because I get a horrible shock every time I get to the till.




Anyway, I kept a tally of all my expenses for March and I was quite horrified by what I saw. The general consensus from the poll I ran on Instagram is that most people are spending about the same and are just as unhappy about it.

If you don’t like something, change it!

We are a single income family and whilst I do not bring in an income, I can do my bit to make sure we are not throwing money away. On a whim, I decided to set a limit of R1,000 a week for our food spend. That figure seems reasonable to maintain our quality of meals without the ‘excess’. Heck, I may even lose some weight from not buying all the junk food I usually buy! *fingers crossed*

Being a blogger, I had to share my genius idea on social media and the response has been mixed. There are people who are eagerly following me to see if it is possible and then there are those who are convinced it won’t work. Amongst the believers is my good friend Jeanne-Riëtte who also happens to be the award winning food blogger, MammaChef Jozi! She suggested we both do the R1,000 a week challenge for the month of May. Just like that, the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge was born!!


Here is the challenge in a nutshell:

  • We only have R1,000 to spend on food a week for our entire family and any extra mouths that show up
  • This includes all meals and snacks throughout the day whether at home or school or work
  • Every Sunday night we will publish a blog post with our meal plan for the week and the groceries that we purchased. We will also recap the previous weeks meals and any mistakes we made or extra cash we have to roll over (haha)
  • Every Wednesday we will feature a guest recipe. A budget and kid friendly family meal that we haven’t tried before. If you have a tried and tested recipe that your family loves, please send it through to me!
  • Every Friday we will have a Live Chat on Instagram at 20:30. We had our first one this last Friday and it was so fun that we thought we chatted for 10 minutes but it was closer to 40!
  • Every evening we will post our Dinner as well as the recipe to go with it. We’re not posting these with the meal plan because personally, I never know what I’m going to add to a meal until I’m actually cooking it. Plus we want people to be creative, the meal plan and shopping list is a guideline and not set in stone.

The challenge starts on 30 April (Mon) and runs until 3 June (Sun) which gives us 5 full weeks in May to prove that you can eat healthy, balanced meals on a budget.

Are you curious?

You can follow us on the following links to keep up with the challenge and hopefully we will inspire you!

This is me:



This is MammaChef Jozi:



We are going to be working together but independently (if that makes sense) so we will have no idea what the other is planning to cook. This will also give our followers two different meal plans to choose from each week.

To get an idea of my cooking style, here’s a few meals that I have been cooking up in my kitchen for the past month or so. You can see all of them under the hashtag #nadias_kitchen on Instagram.

Thai Red Curry for the adults and StirFry for the kids (same ingredients)

Pizza night

My take on KFC

Meat-free Monday

How much do you usually spend a week on food? Are you keen to follow us for this challenge?? We hope so!

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