Week One – The #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

I know I said that I would have this out on Sunday but since I havn’t gone to bed yet (01:52), I’m going to say I met my deadline!

Here is the Week One – Meal Plan

As I mentioned in my previous post , there are no recipes, because the Meal Plan is supposed to serve as cooking inspiration more than a hard and fast menu. There is a very good chance that I will chop and change a few meals within the constraints of my ingredients during the week. Every evening I will post pics of our dinner on Instagram and Facebook together with my recipe for the meal. You can also check out MammaChef Jozi on Instagram and Facebook for her daily recipe. Throughout the day we will both have InstaStories which will show our breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day.

If you have a look at the Week One – Shopping List

you will probably not believe that I got all that for R1,000 BUT I DID!!!! And here’s the receipts to prove it (I am R1 over but that’s because I bought four packets for the meat and freezer stuff. I’m paranoid and like to separate everything) :

I bought 90% of the grocery list from Food Lovers Market and I don’t think I would have afforded it anywhere else to be honest. FLM has been amazing and they have partnered with us on this budgeting challenge. I spent over an hour just browsing through the store and getting some meal inspiration for the next few weeks. The Asian section was tormenting me today and I will definitely be adding more Thai and Chinese meals to my future plans.

During the week you will see me using certain items that are not listed on the shopping list, these are items that are already in my store cupboard such as spices and flour. I am sure everyone has these in their kitchen so I am not going to count it in my grocery shop unless I am adding to the collection.

I actually removed all the items from my cupboards and realised that I could start a small bakery from home. Who has that much cupcake toppings??? There will probably be some baking in our future since I maxed out our budget for the week which means we can’t buy cake…or anything for that matter!, haha!

I cannot wait to get cracking on this #onegrandfamilychallenge from tomorrow!!! Are you joining me??

P.S. Double Think Cream is actually Double Thick Cream…Though I did have to double think before I bought it!

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