Roast Chicken and Veg

Week Four Recap of the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

This challenge has really opened my eyes to how much of food we both eat, and spend on. It felt restrictive to me to shop with a R1,000 budget even though I managed to still cook balanced and healthy meals and we were short of nothing. That being said, there are 14 million people going hungry every day in South Africa. I can’t even comprehend such a staggering number of people going to bed hungry and thinking of the number of kids that make up the 14 million just makes me want to cry.

Food Lovers Market has been running a World Hunger Month campaign concurrently with the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge. They partnered with Rugani, Tru-Cape and Simpl Juice to donate 79c (which incidentally is what it costs to feed someone in need. Crazy hey?) whenever one of the following items were purchased:

The Rugani juices especially are a favourite at home so if you’re planning on buying fruit juice/apples/pears/carrots then rather consider getting these from Food Lovers Market before the end of May.

In fact, if you can get ALL your shopping done at FLM on 28 May then that would be even better! 28 May is World Hunger Awareness Day and FLM will donate 1% of their TOTAL sales on that day to FoodFowardSA.

And that was my public service announcement for today! Back to the recap of the weeks meals.

Day 22 – Monday – Mushroom and Haloumi Burgers

One of my favourite meals when eating out was the mushroom burger at Tasha’s (I found out recently that they discontinued it). The caramelised onion was just amazing. This is my version which is even better because I fed six people for the price of two burgers! That being said, this is not a cheap meal to make. In fact it was one of the most pricey meals this week. Totes worth it though! You can get the recipe here.

Day 23 – Roast Chicken and Butternut with Turmeric Rice

Turmeric is all the rage these days for its health benefits but in Indian homes it is as common as salt. My mum has been cooking with turmeric all her life, so has her mum and so have I. I couldn’t believe it when turmeric lattes became a craze, especially because they are so damn expensive! This is my mums savoury rice recipe and it’s really cheap to make but beyond delicious.

Day 24 – Wednesday – Buddha Bowl

I have been seeing Buddha bowls in my Instagram feed for weeks now and I had to try it out. This is such a child friendly meal. Kids generally love to snack on a variety of things as opposed to eating one meal so this is perfect. Next time I will add in a meat element though like some grilled chicken or frikkadels.

Day 25 – Thursday – Good Old Fish and Chips

Have you heard of Pangasius Fillet before? I hadn’t but the guy at the seafood counter highly recommended it and when he told me that it tastes like kingklip I was sold! This fish is delicious. It is buttery and light and has no bones. I am not a fish lover but this I will definitely cook again. You can check out my recipe here.

Day 26 – Friday – Bacon and Mushroom Quiche

I know this is ironic but I suck at following recipes. Unless it’s for baking, then I’m militant. Jarrod and my mum both gave me quiche recipes so I skimmed both then sort of did my own thing. What I made was delicious but it didn’t taste like a quiche. It was more of a frittata pie. I really need to learn how to measure ingredients, haha!

Day 27 – Lamb Casserole

This was the perfect bowl of comfort food. The only thing that could have made it better was if I had cooked it in a potjie outside. Here is the recipe.

Day 28 – Sunday – Katsu Curry

Have you ever had a Katsu Curry before? It is a very popular Japanese curry and while it is incredibly unattractive, it is quite delicious. Jarrod took over the kitchen and made this meal and he knocked it out of the park. I loved it!

There is just one week left to the challenge and I have mixed emotions. This past month has been the most ‘work’ I have done in a very long time. Yet it has made me look at food and how I spend on groceries in a very different way. So while the challenge will end officially in a weeks time, for me it will continue as a way of life.


4 thoughts on “Week Four Recap of the #OneGrandFamilyChallenge

  1. I just had to compliment your photos. The ingredients are arranged in a totally pleasing aesthetic way 🙂 I feel like I’ve been taking a ton of pics lately and it’s funny how long it takes to lay everything out, space it just right, get it facing the camera just the right way…all before you get to write a thing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can certainly vouch for the mushroom burgers.
    They were divine.
    I agree, your pics are really eye catching. You definitely have an eye for detail. Well done Nads.

    Liked by 1 person

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