Mushroom and Haloumi Pasta



– Slice the haloumi into strips and fry both sides until golden. Remove and set aside. Try not to eat all before supper (seriously! Just fried haloumi is amazing!)

– Follow the packet instructions for the pasta and get that going so that it will be ready at the same time as the pasta sauce.

– Slice up the mushrooms and add it to a pan with the frozen peas, grated garlic cloves and olive oil. You can add in a few shakes of the dried thyme and veggie seasoning now as well. Cook until the mushrooms are done then add in the bottle of pasta sauce to heat it all together.

– Slice the haloumi strips into bite size pieces and mix into the pasta sauce

– Serve and enjoy!

Additional info

I wouldn’t recommend this particular pasta sauce. It is way too sweet and the sweetness overpowers the dish. I added a healthy splash of Sriracha to balance things out.


I am actually awful at following recipes so I won’t be giving you precise measurements for anything unless it’s a baking recipe. Trust yourself and your tastes buds. If you hate garlic, leave it out. If you love peas, throw in a cup. These meals are very flexible in terms of quantities. If you really, REALLY want precise measurements then you can pop me a message


3 thoughts on “Mushroom and Haloumi Pasta

  1. I love haloumi SO MUCH that I would eat this. And I despise mushrooms. HOWEVER, I’m totally making this but with spinach and tomatoes or something instead. YUM!!


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